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Lightning Process and Mountaineering

I had an email sometime ago now, from someone who used Lightning Process tools to climb mountains in a new way for him… and to deal with a personal challenge while up on the mountain… I thought it was beautifully expressed and a very interesting story. Dear Heather, I just want to tell you a […]

How things can change…

I received some great updates from some clients in the last 2 days, a lovely example of one is below, from someone I trained this summer 2013 at her home as she couldn’t leave the house and had been ill for many, many years, unable to see family, or have visitors at all. She was […]


After a conversation with a friend, I was considering just how useful the Lightning Process tools are for dealing with those things that happen in life that are not so good. Those times could lure us into imagining the worst possible scenario, over and over, and to live life in fear. The Lightning Process is […]

New Year

Happy New Year everyone!! An exciting year ahead with lots of new experiences to be had.Great to talk to a December 2010 client and hear how after years of CFS, her life is now ‘normal’ and she can now spend all day looking after her young daughter like a ‘normal’ mother.What a great thing the […]

Last Lightning Process Seminar before Christmas

Just finished another seminar, more changed lives! Lovely to see the excitement and see the transformations. One participant was able to walk confidently into a coffee shop by herself for the first time ever in her life, and sat calmly enjoying the challenge and the coffee. She was able to be totally confident that she […]

Brain Plasticity

Thanks to Jenny Gilmore for this link to a YouTube video which is fascintating… further evidence of how the brain can re-wire so effectively. Off to enjoy this wonderful Sunday, Xmas tree is decorated and the sunshine is outside!