Medical student’s story: Back to life with the Lightning Process

Jilly describes so well what the Lightning Process means to her in her story below. She is passionate about it and has used it for great success! A very inspiring young woman.

Medical student Jilly’s story of getting her life back with the Lightning Process


Jilly at the finishing line

“While the Lightning Process is powerful in its near-immediate potential to heal and restore, for me the sense of empowerment it brings about is especially wonderful; you acquire vital skills at your fingertips, allowing you to quickly and reliably deal with all manner of challenges that may arise long after the seminar.

The LP can be hard to define in exact terms but I can liken it to Roadside Assistance for your mind and body, which quickly restores optimal conditions, so that, post-seminar you are raring to go. Crucially, however, when you ‘drive’ off, you do so in the knowledge that the LP has provided you with an amazing DIY repair kit within the metaphorical boot. A tool kit that lasts for life, is timeless, free to use and versatile in its far-reaching applications, yet perfectly problem-specific in its capacity to repair.

I completed the LP seminar with Heather Thomas in November 2015 to overcome post-viral fatigue syndrome and the results were amazing. Attending the course however was not a decision I made lightly. Initially I was sceptical, a lot was promised and the medical student in me was wary of the minimal evidence-base. On enquiry though I found that the LP is simply neat package of evidence-based methods, formatted and delivered in a forward-thinking way that yields outstanding results.


Since completing the LP, I have returned to medical school, and beforehand spent five weeks hiking and hostelling in Peru and Ecuador, worked as a science tutor, completed a half marathon and most recently completed my first triathlon. It has been great and my body has facilitated rather than limited this, which was a welcome role reversal!

The LP is an integral part of all aspects of my life now. This sense of trust in my personal toolkit that is the LP is what makes me excited and hopeful for the future, physically and mentally more robust than I have ever been.”

The Lightning Process, Marion’s Story

Marion’s Lightning Process Story   “Learning the Lightning Process with Heather was by far the best training in anything I have ever had”

Marion on top of a Scottish Munro she climbed only 6 weeks after taking the Lightning Process Seminar in 2012



I was recommended LP, and Heather in particular, by a friend who helped me believe that with the LP tools I could change a 20-year cycle of infections, fatigue and depression. Indeed I have – and have changed SO much more. Four years on I am a positive, happy, active, healthy 42-year old, with endless energy, a fantastic immune system and a life I LOVE! Six weeks after my initial LP training, I climbed my first Scottish Munro – 3,100 feet – to the top of the world! The next day I laughed at my stiff, aching and rather surprised legs, and started planning my next challenge! I’m currently training for my first triathalon…

So many wonderful, positive changes have come as unexpected (to me!) consequences of learning and using LP. I am comfortable in my own skin, enjoy my own company and see a wonderful friend reflected back at me in the mirror. As I now value and love myself, I truly believe and accept others’ love for me. Everyone around me benefits as I am duing the best mother, wife, daughter, friend relationships I can.

Every Monday evening I have the best time ever – confident and relaxed as I stand in front of the 80-strong community choir I have founded and grown, inspiring them to sing – and to laugh, and to love life.

Learning the Lightning Process with Heather was by far the best training in anything I have ever had. Using LP has become a way of life. And when I occasionally stray into the pit, and realise I’m a little rusty, genius-coach Heather is fantastic on the end of the phone – although usually I don’t get as far as making the call, as simply imagining what she will say gets me right back on track!