Lightning Process and Mountaineering

I had an email sometime ago now, from someone who used Lightning Process tools to climb mountains in a new way for him… and to deal with a personal challenge while up on the mountain… I thought it was beautifully expressed and a very interesting story.

Dear Heather,

I just want to tell you a little bit about my success applying the lightning process to achieve what I want.

Last weekend I went to the highest mountains in Norway together with groups of friends and colleagues. Since November last year I think I have had a remarkable recovery in my physical health.. In November I was skiing usually about 3 km or so, and I did enjoy that a lot. Already in December I was able to ski up to 10 km, and then the rest of the day I was usually very satisfied and relaxed. In March I was able to go skiing for up to 4 hours! And now I didn’t feel any fatigue at all! I was just energised and feeling good!

And now last weekend I went to the highest mountains in Norway with very experienced fit athletes. It was more than 3 1/2 years since I was in the big mountains with my old mountain friends, so it was a remarkable experience just to go up there again knowing that I could participate and go skiing like I used to do several years ago!

The first day we were heading for a peak that was around 2100 m above sea level. These are very steep mountains but nevertheless we headed straight forward towards the peak. For the first hour or so I was doing more than moderate pain in my leg because the kind of equipment to be used for these trips are very heavy and the resistance is considerable for the whole body. But I just kept calm and used the process to do comfort, calm and joy, and gradually I did not do any pain anymore or very little! Truly amazing!

After about four hours who reached the peak and the view was more impressive than I could imagine 🙂 I was the last to arrive on the peak, I knew I could have been among the first , but I wanted to go my own flow and rhythm, so I was happy about being the last! Probably for the first time in my life 🙂 I realised that it is not about reaching the peak, but how you reach the peak, how you enjoy the journey – in a new way. We then skied down on the other side of the mountain through a narrow valley and finally reached our cabin after about seven hours! For me it was strange that some other very fit athletes were much less energetic than myself as we arrived the cabin and the following hours. I did not want to compare myself with any others, but it was really striking in that I was doing much more energy than many of the others.

The day after I went for a three-hour trip just to relax a bit and enjoy the mountains on my own. It is strange in the mountains because what seems like one-hour often turn out to be two or three hours. .
The third day we headed for another big mountain where we had to climb from 1000 m above sea level to 2000 m above sea level. I had some problems with my ski equipment so the others in my group were walking faster than me, but I told them that it was okay and that I would catch up with them later.

Then after a few hours I was approaching the peak again and this time it was very steep but I did not mind because I was expecting a plateau on top of the mountain. I didn’t see anyone from my group but I didn’t mind because I was just looking forward to the beautiful scenery and to have a nice cup of coffee on the top of the plateau. However, as I made my final baby steps to the top climbing the last 200 m almost straight up , I was very surprised. There was no plateau. There was almost nothing, only a very narrow 30 cm edge of snow and rocks, some places much less, and then just an abyss! Here I was on the top of the world, at least on the top of the Norwegian roof. What should I do? This was definitely the time to do the process as I was heading clearly towards the pit, and I could not afford that as you can easily imagine. I did a very focused stop and instead of looking down which was not necessary because I knew what was expecting me if looking down, I was looking up. I enjoyed immensely the beautiful mountains and used this image to facilitate a very focused choice towards the life I love. And in a very short time I was remarkably calm and comfort. This was truly lightning process magic for real! I used the process whenever I needed it as I headed towards the edge to find my way back to an area where it was possible to put on my skis, and then cruised down safely to the valley and our this base camp. I am very happy that I used the process in such a powerful way in this critical situation. It is possible that I could have made my way down to the valley again without using the process, but that would have been much less elegant and much more difficult.

On the train back home I was feeling very good, I was having a feeling that I could do anything, and I was very grateful that I had managed to do what was necessary to find my way back to base camp.Thank you very much for having introduced me to the lightning process, I am very grateful for what I have achieved applying the process since the seminar in Oslo last year.