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Life turned around with the Lightning Process

I remember when Odette came into the room on the first day of the Lightning Process Seminar in early 2016,  I am amazed at what she has achieved since that day. Since writing the testimonial below she has since made it to Everest base camp whilst on her second volunteering project, this time in Nepal! […]

The Lightning Process: Charlie’s experience

I remember the first conversation with Charlie over 6 years ago when she was not well, she was determined to change her life and was prepared to do whatever it took to get her life back in the way she had heard about from other people who had used the Lightning Process. The rest is […]

The Lightning Process, Jessica’s story

“It’s one thing to intellectually believe in the power of the Lightning Process but quite another to experience it!” Jessica had an experience of surgery in the past which had lead to a severe reaction to the general anaesthetic. She was later able to use the Lightning Process tools to help her body react normally […]

Abbie turns her life around by taking the Lightning Process

Abbie’s story is below describing her experience of turning around 6 years of not having a full life with the Lightning Process. It’s been such a great start to 2017, already some 2017 Lightning Process graduates starting out with new lives ahead, I’ve also caught up with some clients who did the LP years ago and […]

The Lightning Process, Marion’s Story

Marion’s Lightning Process Story   “Learning the Lightning Process with Heather was by far the best training in anything I have ever had” Marion on top of a Scottish Munro she climbed only 6 weeks after taking the Lightning Process Seminar in 2012   I was recommended LP, and Heather in particular, by a friend […]

Elisa and Lightning Process

Sharing an update from Elisa who did the Lightning Process in 2014 and has gone on to achieve so much! She is keen to inspire others with her experience! What brilliant success she has made of her life, using the Lightning Process tools!  Hi Heather, Apologies for the delay but here is my testimonial below. […]