Shelli’s story: getting her life back from 2 years of fibromyalgia

I met Shelli again on Friday, just over a year since she came and did the Lightning Process with me. A year ago she had pain in her muscles and wasn’t able to move easily, or exercise for more than 5 minutes because of fibromyalgia, a condition which can cause a lot of pain and fatigue. Her work was restricted, she had cognitive difficulties or ‘brain fog’, life was very difficult and had been that way for 2 years.

After the first day of the Lightning Process seminar she started to change all of that! In the last year she has achieved so much… including a 5 km run in her best ever time! As she was and is, so keen to help other people know that it IS possible to get healthy again from fibromyalgia, I will be putting the impromptu video clip I recorded of her testimonial  onto u-tube this week! What she has also done is to deal really well with some very stressful situations in the last year, and to remain healthy throughout… she has even just set up her own recruitment business too!

It is so fantastic to see how much people can make a difference using the Lightning Process tools!

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