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Heather is no longer personally training people in the Lightning Process. Visit www.lightningprocess.com to find more information on how to take the Lightning Process with one of the licensed practitioners able to deliver this life enhancing seminar.

All the people on this page took the Phil Parker Lightning Process Seminar and all the stories are written by the people themselves, with permission given to use their testimonials/emails on this website. Any opinions expressed are their own. Results cannot be guaranteed as every individual is different, however many people have reported positive results.

Video clip of Shelli’s talking about her experience of taking the Lightning Process Seminar:

“I felt like my situation was hopeless before discovering the lightning process, and I feel so lucky to have my life back.” To read Bonnie’s full story click here


“I am so grateful for learning the lightning process, I have turned my life. I know I will make great progress in the future and I have a life I love! Many thanks to Heather for being such a great trainer!!!!  A fantastic trainer actually. Thank you, thank you, thank you :-)”
Read more including a nine years on update from 2017

Aina Grunnsund
“It has been over a month now since I completed the Lightning Process, and my life has never been better!” Read more

“I would encourage anyone to find within themselves whatever is necessary to commit to doing the Lightning Process training. I know what it is like to be in that place, and I now know what it is like to be free.”  Read more


Lisa Cox, a successful garden designer talks about using the Lightning Process to resolve her fear of public speaking in her garden design blog from Jan 2013: “The three days I spent with Heather have completely changed my life. Shortly after the course I delivered a 10-minute talk and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”  Read more

Lisa Cox

The amazing Peter McManus took the Lightning Process to overcome years of ill-health. Wanting to give something back, he trained for and completed an Ironman challenge swim in October 2012. He raised money for Action for ME and has further challenging events in the pipeline. Peter would be happy to speak to anyone about his experience of how the Lightning Process has changed his life.
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Peter McManus

“Doing the Lightning Process course is the most empowering and liberating thing I have ever done. By using the process, consistently, I have completely changed my life for the better.  The best thing about it is I can continue to use it to improve well beyond anything I ever thought was possible!” Read more


“LP gave me my life back, gave me back to my husband and children. I am not limited by my energy in any way, but am leading a fully active life – in fact I am fitter than ever!” Read more


“7 months ago I attended the Lightning Process course, run by Heather, and it is not an overstatement to say that it has radically changed my life.” Read more


“The last 10 months have probably been the most exciting months of my life. Not only have I gone from ME, to believing I will NOT have ME ever again, but I feel better then ever. I’m more relaxed, I enjoy every part of my life, and as you taught us; …You’ve changed my life in more ways than I thought you would when I signed up to join the training program in London.” Read more


“I had amazingly been able to experience energy and vitality that had been out of my reach for over a decade. The training sessions had given me powerful tools and I felt confident that I was on my way out of the prison this condition had placed me in.” Read more

Berit Frivold

‘The fact that I am writing a testimonial for the Lightning Process is a true reflection on how significant and life changing it has been for me…” click here to read more


“It was remarkable… No longer do I have to be tentative about social engagements. I wake in the morning with the desire to get up and get on with my day.”
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“It’s been 3 years now! Since I took myself out of bed! Thanks to Heather and the Lightning Process, thanks to my family and to God! To me it was a miracle!” Read more

Kirsti Dahl Johansen

“Just wanted to say what an amazing thing “The Lightning Process” was for me…” click here to read more


“At the end of the first day, I believed I no longer had ME. Not only that, I felt I would never have it again! No relapses for me. I was going to use this thing to keep well and I have done so.” Read more


“The added benefits of increased confidence and self-esteem, which come from doing the Lightning Process are a very welcome bonus, now all I have to do is to decide in which direction to take my new life as the possibilities are endless!” Read more


“It’s now eight months since I did the Lightning Process training programme with Heather and I’d like to report that things are still going unbelievably well. I can do as much exercise as I like with no ME symptoms whatsoever and I have as much (if not more) energy than anyone I know.” Read more


“I have gained so much benefit from the process you taught me and I am excited to say I have made so much progress on many fronts by using the process…”
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“I had ME for ten years. I was bedridden 24-7 for six years. I did the LP-course December 2007… The second day of the course I sat up in the sofa all day. No blanket, no hot waterbottles. No symptoms. After the third day I visited my best friend, enjoying bringing her and her whole family awe. I really haven’t had any physical ME-symptoms after the first evening of the LP-course.” Read more


“Within a week I was able to go to sleep and sleep through the night by using the process, and I regained more energy and strength every day.” Read more


“People I meet are telling me I look different, better, well. And I’ve much more mental strength, more like before ME: Seeing solutions and possibilities instead of problems, calmness and constructive thinking – like I used to – , no stress over other peoples issues and problems, I can now separate them from me – it feels SO GOOD.” Read more


“I was severely affected with ME and bed-bound 24 hours a day… Now – five months after the seminar – I live a completely normal life with my family and friends. I am walking 8 – 12 km fast in the forest each day, doing things with my son, family and friends. I can do whatever I want of socially activities; parties, cinema, shopping etc etc. It feels like a MIRACLE !!”


“Look what you made (helped!) me do just three months after your seminar in april 08 (after 3 years in bed) ! You are fantastic!! And now the summer is here and we have fantastic weather. …have a fantastic summer!! I will 🙂 ”
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Irene Welle

“In June we were one week on holiday to the Netherlands, and I was walking for a whole day in Amsterdam! Earlier I was really afraid to fly, but now I am completely relaxed… … I can do everything that I want!! Heather, I am SO GRATEFUL for what you and the Lightning Process gave to me and my family!!’ Read more


“There`s been a lot of positive changes since I spoke with you. I still have a lot of energy every day – and I do a lot of things everyday! I still get up at about 0830 every morning – feeling good and ready for a new day 🙂 And I don`t have to lay down and rest during the day. I sleep well and I don’t use any painkillers for my back and muscles. I tolerate sounds (like in cafès) and I can stay many hours in town shopping and talking to friends at cafès.” Read more


“The feeling of power that I had was immense, I know that everything I had learnt has given me the tools to put CFS behind me and enjoy the rest of my life.  I left the course feeling elated and ready to start my new life for me and my family.” Read more


I have my life back…in fact I have a whole new life, because I had never really had this before. And I am so incredibly grateful to Heather for helping me get here. Read more here


I did the training a year ago now, can both dream and do – lots!  I’d like to thank my trainer Heather Thomas. She was fantastic – steady, firm, intuitive, compassionate, with a sure touch every time! She handled things beautifully . I am very grateful and couldn’t have wished for more.  I relish my strength and trust myself.”


“I’m fantastic, and I live the life I love! I join the classes a 100%, I play football and meet friends. This summer I joined a lot of camps and I live a social life!” Read more


When I attended the lightning process with Heather, I’d had M.E. for about a year. I had very little
energy, having to sleep many hours a day, unable to work or exercise, with headaches, digestive
problems, poor sleep and muscle aches after even light exercise. This was actually the second time
of having it, having had it before about twenty years ago. It had taken me a long time to fully recover
before; many years in fact to fully recover.
By the second day of the Process I was already beginning to see some signs of improvement, and
then gradually recovered further over the following weeks. Heather’s commitment and support was
extraordinary; she was totally dedicated to me using the process properly and making a recovery.
The follow up phone calls after the course were really helpful and supportive.
I am now fully recovered, able to live a normal life, and resuming my work. I’ll always be grateful to
Phil and Heather for helping me to get my life back on track.
If anyone is thinking about trying The Lightening Process I would say ‘just do it!‘ The process itself is
very simple, quick and easy to use, and a great tool I still use for keeping healthy.

June 2018


Heather I’m not usually stuck for words but I am thinking how can I put in writing all want to say.  To put it bluntly the lightning process has totally changed my life. In a few short hours u have transformed me my mind my body the way I think and the way I lead my life. From being virtually bedridden racked with migraines and acute anxiety I have become this vibrant lively healthy calm comfortable person leading and enjoying life to the full. I am active I revel in my healthy existence all thoughts of illness have been left far behind. I am totally healthy and energetic. I can do anything I want being there full time for my family, running and exercising full of energy and positive feelings. Since I spent those short hours with u I have never looked back. I thank u from the bottom of my heart for giving me my life back. To anyone looking for answers I would urge u – contact Heather take on the lightning process today and look forward to a total life that u love – as I did. All my thanks Heather for helping me in this journey now and forever!!


“One year on from the Lightning Process seminar, where I got my energy and life back, I am leading a ‘normal’ life.'” Read more


“We decided to celebrate the new year’s eve on the mountain. So we did! And I carried my own backsack!! That was one of my goals. What a change… IT’S FANTASTIC!!!  Thank you for your course. It has been the biggest change in my life!” Read more


“We came home and the first thing my husband said was that he noticed the change in our daughter. She was calmer, not so angry and she had more energy. He had gotten a new daughter.” Read more


“Heather has completely changed my life for the better!” Read more


“As time goes on, it gets easier and easier to stop the headaches, and I am thinking right now that I won’t get another one – it really feels like I am on track to 100% health.” Read more


” Heather is not only incredibly inspiring and passionate coach, she is a warm and genuine soul that teaches LP with so much joy and conviction. It’s has been six weeks now and I am already living the life I truly deserve and love. World is my oyster and I am deeply grateful for empowerment I have received by LP.  Thank you Heather from my heart for assisting me back into  driver’s seat so that I can enjoy fully the beauty and gift that this life offers.”


“I could write for hours and hours thanking you and telling you how much my life has changed because of you and the Lightning Process but I don’t want to bore you too much!!!” Read more


“The Lightning Process: one the best things I’ve done for myself! I have been struggling with different kinds of anxiety since I was a child… I really recommend Heather Thomas’ seminars. She and The Lightning Process can change your life. I promise.”
Read more

“I would describe the Lightning Process as quite literally being my “lightning” moment…” “…I believe that the LP could honestly change anybody’s life for the better, whether they have a specific condition/illness, achieve a goal, or reach personal/professional peak, as it is such a useful life enhancing tool. Thank you Heather!” Read more

Heather provides powerful, insightful coaching, which she delivers with great sensitivity and skill. When I first visited her I was using a wheelchair in some situations because my body had more or less given up. Less than a year later I completed my first triathlon. 

With complicated health issues the pathway has not been a simple one for me, but Heather’s help has been priceless. Powerful, insightful coaching, delivered with sensitivity and skill.


“I can’t tell you how dramatically my life has changed since you came to see me and I know it will keep doing so. I am always so grateful to you – you were definitely the practitioner for me!” Read more of this story from someone who had severe ME/CFS for many years

….”Two years later (sept 2017) my son and I went together to a refresher course with Heather and I had one of my proudest moments when my son stood up and talked about his positive changes. To hear him talk about how the process helped him to go on and achieve his dreams of getting a recording contract and perform concerts all over the world was incredibly moving as I knew where he had been and how for he has come.”  Read Ally’s full story


Card made by Clara on day 3 of the Lightning Process. She went on to use the Lightning Process in many areas of life.

1-photo of front of card from Clara 1-photo of card from Clara

Gunvor Hals

It has been wonderful to host Heather Thomas’ Norway courses from 2007 and inspiring to follow her oHeather and Gunvorutstanding work. What excellent results and what a thorough and conscientious follow-up of each and everyone, both at the course and afterwards when necessary. The genuine Lightning Process® at its best, as I see it.

In November 2007, Gunvor Hals, a well-known Norwegian TV presenter on the Norwegian National TV station NRK, heard about The Lightning Process. She attended one of Heather’s Seminars in the UK as an observer.

Gunvor believed that people in Norway could benefit from this training but many could not travel to the UK. She invited Heather to come to Oslo in December 2007. She offered her house as a suitable place for the training. She wanted to enable people to be able to get the training that she believed could help based on the results she had seen in the seminar.


Liv Guri Kvello

Heather Thomas va min coatch i 2009. Fantastisk døkti dame 

Forandra live mett totalt.
ME, migrene, muskelsmerta etc forsvant 
E d nånn som hi spørsmål e d bærre å ta kontakt så ska æ svar så godt æ kain;)


Heather Thomas was my coach in 2009. A fantastic and brilliant woman. Changed my life completely.
ME, migraines, muscle pains etc disappeared♥
If someone have any questions about my story, you can contact me and I will answer you as best I can 

So two years ago I was able to work but would come home and have to crawl up the stairs. I didn’t have enough energy to stand over the sink and clean my teeth. I would have to drag myself out of bed every morning. I was in bed by 8 every night. Life seemed so hard and I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. But then I went to Heather Thomas and learnt the lightening process. Below is now a typical day...
5.45 awake
Stretches and sit ups
7.15 at work – till 3.45 (I’m a busy Macmillan palliative care nurse in a busy hospital)
4.30 at the gym
Twice a week I do weights with my amazing trainer Benjamin BigBen Greenblatt who has sorted my diet
Three times a week I do 30 mins of cardio (4.5k)
I stay up later and feel great. I have so much energy.
The lightening process helps me in all areas of my life and had been a great tool for use in the gym
I’ve signed up to start a masters in September.
Thank you

Gina Langridge

If you know anyone who has CFS/ME and isn’t getting better, I can only say that the Lightning Process worked for me.

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