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The Lightning Process® Mind Body Training

Heather Thomas

Heather Thomas Lightning Process Advanced Practitioner

The Lightning Process® course teaches a method to get the mind and body working together to create changes in energy and general wellness, often reported as dramatic and amazing.

The Lightning Process® is designed to help anyone where they have become ‘stuck’, using the mind-body connection to change the negative effects of the ‘flight/fight’ stress response.

The programme can work so fast because brain neural pathways are flexible and can be easy to change, to create new, more positive pathways.

Heather Thomas is one of the most experienced Advanced Practitioners of The Phil Parker Lightning Process® Programme.

Heather personally regained her energy and life after 16 years of ME/CFS, 12 years severely affected and bed-bound, using this remarkable process. Read more

Heather has been working extensively both in the UK and Norway. She can help anyone achieve their full potential for wellbeing and happiness.

Heather has helped hundreds to turn their lives around, clients including doctors, actors and celebrities.

Heather offers the most comprehensive post-seminar support package, including a half day Refresher Seminar plus plenty of follow-up calls.

The LP has given me so much more than I could ever have imagined. Obviously, my health and energy levels are much improved, but I have also been able to bring out the best of my personality. I have a new perspective on life!


Heather is an amazingly inspiring and wonderful trainer!


The Lightning Process gave me my life back.


Doing the Lightning Process was the most empowering and liberating thing I have ever done.


I really recommend Heather Thomas’ Seminars, she and the Lightning Process can really change your life.


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Lightning Process seminar dates:

26 – 28 Sept  Lightning Process
Weybridge (Surrey)

12 -14 October Lightning Process
Kings Langley (near Watford / Hemel Hempstead)

31 Oct – 2 Nov  Lightning Process
Weybridge (Surrey)

9 – 11 November Lightning Process
Kings Langley (near Watford / Hemel Hempstead)

Refresher Seminars for LP Graduates

TBC Sept Kings Langley 

More dates click here


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