Heather Thomas



After 13 years of really enjoying work as an Lightning Process Practitioner®, Heather made the huge decision to stop working with Lighting Process and take other directions in life.

Heather still provides NLP and general coaching support for existing clients. She can no longer provide specific coaching using the Lightning Process® tools and materials so if you want this type of support, please feel free to contact her to discuss options, and/or for help finding a new LP coach, or visit www.lightningprocess.com to find and contact a new practitioner for yourself.

If you have arrived here because you are interested to explore taking a Lightning Process® seminar, you will find all the details at www.lightningprocess.com

Heather: “The Lightning Process® is an incredibly powerful seminar for change, thank you so much to Phil Parker for creating it, and thank you to everyone who took the seminar with me, you made my career as a Lightning Process® Practitioner the most meaningful and important chapter of my life. I will always be so grateful for the process which showed me personally how to turn around 16 years of ME/CFS and get back to full health, and then gave me the opportunity for most amazing 13 years where I was able to help others’ change their lives too. It has been such a privilege and a joy.

It may be that in a few years I will choose to return to LP training, for now it is time for me to continue to explore new directions. I will miss so much about the work, my wonderful clients and colleagues, but am very excited about a fresh life chapter.

I will always be delighted to receive updates from any of you who wish to continue to keep me posted on your life achievements since taking the LP seminar.

Best wishes to you all.”

Heather Thomas

B.Sc (Hons), NLP Practitioner, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist (Until July 2019 Advanced Lightning Process Practitioner and Member of Ethics and Professional Conduct Committee at Phil Parker Training Institute.) Member of British Institute of Hypnotherapy.


07941 372898