Last Lightning Process Seminar before Christmas

Just finished another seminar, more changed lives! Lovely to see the excitement and see the transformations. One participant was able to walk confidently into a coffee shop by herself for the first time ever in her life, and sat calmly enjoying the challenge and the coffee. She was able to be totally confident that she is healthy now, after years of CFS and it is now just a matter of building up muscles and stamina. The Christmas this year will be a very happy one for them all!

Brain Plasticity

Thanks to Jenny Gilmore for this link to a YouTube video which is fascintating… further evidence of how the brain can re-wire so effectively.

Off to enjoy this wonderful Sunday, Xmas tree is decorated and the sunshine is outside!

Knitted Norwegian gifts

This freezing weather is the perfect opportunity to be REALLY thankful for the various knitted woolly gifts I have been given by Norwegians who did the LP with me over the last few years. The wonderful thick mittens that look rather like oven gloves have truly come into their own in the last week. We have been lucky (depending on your point of view) that we haven’t had much snow here in my part of Herts. Tomorrow I venture to Surrey where they have lashings of snow… looking forward to my next Lightning Process next week!