Elisa and Lightning Process

Sharing an update from Elisa who did the Lightning Process in 2014 and has gone on to achieve so much! She is keen to inspire others with her experience! What brilliant success she has made of her life, using the Lightning Process tools! 

Hi Heather,

Apologies for the delay but here is my testimonial below. Sorry it’s a bit long but it’s hard to summarise the full effects of the Lightning Process! 🙂

‘The fact that I am writing a testimonial for the Lightning Process is a true reflection on how significant and life chanElisaging it has been for me. I have suffered many long periods of chronic fatigue in my life since I got Glandular Fever at 14 years old. Since then, I was so susceptible to viruses and infections all the time, severely impacting my quality of life. In 2012, at 30 years old I was in the prime of my life; an international business woman, national league hockey player, wild party animal! I was living the dream. So to be crippled with ME for months at this time of my life just wasn’t right. I had to do something about it.

Over the years, I had tried pretty much all I could think of or find. So much medication, so many referrals to specialists, but nothing could make this crippling condition go away or prevent it from coming back. I always lived in fear that if I got ill, it would turn into chronic fatigue again.

Then one day in February 2013, by a series of co-incidental events that seemed too spooky to ignore, I came across the Lightning Process and felt compelled to read into it. Through Google I found Heather’s website. No word of a lie, by the time I read through all the information on her website, I was already feeling better! I showed my family the website and asked my mother to take me to one of Heather’s talks (as I didn’t have the energy and strength to drive), so we could meet her and see if the course was actually genuine and find out more about it. We loved it. The talk was so informative and I couldn’t wait to get on the seminar!

By the time I had got to the seminar with Heather, having read the Lightning Process book a few times, I had gotten my life back on track and was feeling energised and exercising again! It was amazing. But I knew I needed the seminar to get closure on the past, find out what the tools were exactly, and also see how it could help me with my self confidence as I always struggled with this, particularly at work. I had no idea it would completely turn my life around like it did! The information I learnt, and the tools you gain, are invaluable. Instantly, I was back on form and back to a life full of fun and energy. My mindset and approaches to challenges and situations in life completely changed for the better. This has all become a natural way of life now, and the Lightning Process principles are always there in the back of my mind, guiding me. My immune system is getting stronger and stronger. I get ill less frequently and if I do, it doesn’t last long at all!

One year on, I have met the man of my dreams and we are now engaged. I have moved houses, renovated a property, purchasing another, am back playing hockey, and doing lots of physical activity including gruelling mud obstacle races! All thanks to Heather and the Lightning Process and how they have taught me to turn my life around. It will stay with me forever now. And Heather is always on hand for any advice and support. It makes such a big difference, knowing you have the person who helped you turn your life around, there always happy to talk and help. Thank you Heather!’