How things can change…

I received some great updates from some clients in the last 2 days, a lovely example of one is below, from someone I trained this summer 2013 at her home as she couldn’t leave the house and had been ill for many, many years, unable to see family, or have visitors at all. She was just too unwell with serious CFS/ME and it was too much for her. She hadn’t been outside her house for a long long time.
She has given permission for me to use the email although for her privacy I have changed her name and some details :

Hi Heather,

I hope everything is good with you? I have had an amazing month! We actually went away for a night recently and had such a lovely time we have booked to go back for two nights for my birthday! A lovely old stately home with rooms in the gardens you can stay with dogs and lovely grounds for dog walking, I will attach a photo of Molly and I walking in the grounds and you will see how things have changed since you came to see me in June!

We also went for our first three course meal on Sunday as part of our extended celebrations! The weekend before that we met my family for lunch, the first time we have all been together for eight years!

I remember I spoke to you before about wanting to cut out my morning break/rest but not quite managing it, well I cut it out a few weeks ago and have adjusted brilliantly, just one to go in the afternoon now! My parents have now taken away my shower and sink chairs too which were just hanging around the house before, it was lovely to see them go!

I have been meeting lots of people on my dog walks with Molly and am noticing that I’m starting to integrate more things into my day. I can’t tell you how dramatically my life has changed since you came to see me in June and I know it will keep doing so. I am always so grateful to you – you were definitely the practitioner for me!

This weekend I am going to go to a shopping centre for the first time as I want to look at the laptops and buy some walking boots! I am also going to to go to the cinema for the first time too!

Take care.

Bella Xx

To receive these sorts of email always gets me feeling SO happy! I know how bad it can be to have an awful illness like CFS/ME as I had it for so many years myself. Every person who gets well is a victory against a cruel, misunderstood illness! It was great working with Bella as she really did what she needed to do, followed the process perfectly and got herself out of the spiral of illness!She is now reaping the rewards!