TV and Press Articles

A clip about ME/CFS and the Lightning Process, following a young mother who was bedbound with ME and went on to use the Lightning Process to improve her life.

Aina Grunnsund

National Norwegian TV stations have run several news items and articles about the process. To view one of Heather’s clients Aina Grunssund (in Norwegian): click here.

The Lightning Process

An article in ‘The Times’ 22 Feb 2011 written by journalist Patrick Strudwick who took the Lightning Process for himself. Click here

Austin Healy’s (former Rugby International Player and BBC Commentator) wife used the Lightning Process in 2007. To view his filmed testimonial click here.

In October 2008 Heather was invited to speak at the Film Festival in Verdal, Norway, after the Premiere of a film called ‘Thomas’. The film is about a man who was hospitalised by his symptoms and his journey using the same training. Read more

The story of Leonie Gough can be read in the on-line Daily Mail. Click here

Chris Marques

To read the story of Chris Marques, the Choreographer on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ click here!

A letter in the Daily Mail 23 July 2014 written by Claire Smith, a scientist who took the Lightning Process. Both she and her son had CFS/ME and both recovered using the Lightning Process.