Lightning Process®

Refresher Seminars: Group and Individual options

Taken the Lightning Process already but want a refresh/reminder or want to apply it more widely?

For those who have already taken the Lightning Process Seminar, Heather runs 3 hour (approx) follow-on seminars which can be taken any time after taking the Lightning Process Seminar.

They are useful for refreshing basics, and learning additional ways to use the tools.

One seminar is included in the price of the Lighting Process for those who take the course in the UK with Heather.

Heather was one of the first practitioners licensed to run LP group seminars. The seminar is designed for those who want a refresher or are still working on a particular issue and want some extra input. You can attend any of the regular seminars as and when you feel it useful. These are open to anyone who has done the Lightning Process Seminar, even with another practitioner

  • The seminars involve refreshing the basics and also how to work on issues such as:
  • Dealing with other people/relationships using the Lightning Process
  • Allergies
  • Going back into work
  • Dealing with illness/colds/flu
  • Creating the life you love

Group Session: £70 per seminar in UK.

Individual Option 

You can opt to have a session with Heather at £70 per hour and usually 1.5 – 2 hours is ideal.

Please contact Heather for more information on 07941372898 .

An Email from Tone who attended an Oslo Refresher Seminar in 2011:

Dear Heather! 

I just want to say thank you for a very helpful and motivating seminar last sunday!! It really gave me what I needed in my process!

It was also good for me to meet with all the other fantastic women who have achieved so much after starting with the LP.

I now go on with much new inspiration. I feel great, and happy and thankful!

Best regards, Tone