Negative Spiral

The brain and body can get stuck in negative spirals. For example, certain types of thinking or behaviour can become ‘automatic’ if they are run many times. The neural pathways involved become stronger with use (read more about neuroplasticity click here).

In the case of anxiety, anxious thoughts will be triggering the ‘flight/fight response (click here) and this means that the ‘clever thinking’ part of the brain gets switched off and then it’s more difficult to think clearly and creatively to find positive solutions to the situation or problem.

The Lightning Process focuses on how to recognise what is going on and to learn how to switch off that previously unconscious response and train the brain and body to react any normal ‘stresses’ in life, with calm and confidence instead. This means that the ‘clever thinking’ part of the brain is functioning fully and all the key systems in the body are able to function properly too.