Medical Research

Sept 2017 The first RCT study with Bristol University and the Lightning Process is finally published click here

Click here for the article in ‘The Guardian’, one of the many articles in the press on 21 Sept 2017

2013 ‘The Lightning Process’ is working with the NHS on a feasibility study. The first paper is published, click here.

Important Medical Research

Performed by Dr. Vegard Bruun Wyller MD PhD at the Division of Paediatrics, Rikshospitalet University Hospital, Oslo, Norway.Dr. Bruun Wyller, considered to be one of Norway’s leading experts on ME, says:

Recent research on CFS pathophysiology has revealed alterations of cardiovascular regulation and thermo regulation, characterized by enhanced sympathetic nervous activity and increased secretion of epinephrine. These findings indicate a state of permanent distress response – sustained arousal – in CFS patients. Based upon our findings, we have formulated a theory of sustained arousal in CFS, which seems to correspond quite neatly to the theoretical considerations underlying the Lightning Process.

Many of Heather’s clients have had their stories registered at the Norwegian National Research Centre in Complementary and Alternative Medicine based in University of Tromsø, where they are studying ‘exceptional’ changes in disease.