UK Lightning Process® Seminar Prices

Small group (usually 2 – 4 people): £690

Requested individual seminar: £1400

Included in price:

  • Initial assessment call/s and any coaching required
  • Course materials
  • Follow-up CD
  • Up to 3 hours of follow-up telephone sessions after the seminar (6 half hour calls).  Any additional calls necessary charged at £20 per 30 mins

Spread payments over set time periods can also be arranged if necessary. Some reductions in the price will be considered for those who genuinely cannot afford the full price

SUBSIDY for Lightning Process Seminar

A very kind and generous local business woman who successfully completed the Lightning Process in 2010, ridding herself of fibromyalgia and gaining so many other benefits, is so keen that everyone should have the opportunity to do the Lightning Process has offered to provide a subsidy towards the Lightning Process fee for any person who would benefit from the Lightning process but is unable to afford the full fee. In addition to a discount I can offer, this would result in a significantly reduced price.
She is currently able to provide this help to one person every three months. Please feel free to mention this when you contact me if you feel you are ABSOLUTELY UNABLE to afford the full costs for the LP course and are determined that you could make full and best use of a subsidy.
 ALL GRANT MONEY USED Jan 2018. More probably available later in 2018