How The Lightning® Process Works

There are two important factors that are involved in how the Lightning Process can influence health:

1) Neuroplasticity

How the brain can re-wire itself. Watch the clip below to see how this happens.

2) Flight/Fight/Physical Emergency Response (PER)

This system is designed for short periods of physical danger, we are built for the days when we needed to run from, or fight tigers!

The result of this short term danger is to move blood/energy/resources in the body, to the muscles so they can work as powerfully as possible… for a short time.

Blood/energy/resources are taken from:

  • Digestive system
  • Immune system/healing system
  • Higher cognitive functions (clever thinking)
  • Sleep system is shut down
  • Thyroid function is changed
  • Synapses can be altered in how they work and there are changes in how nerve cells work.

With this flight/fight system switched on, there are major changes within the body which are not going to enable the body and brain to work at their best.

The flight/fight response is only designed to be used for short periods of time, but this system in modern life is being switched on for many things for which it wasn’t designed; exams, worrying about work/relationships/emails/money, what other people think etc. And having symptoms or pain switches on this system and leads to key systems being shut down for longer periods and too regularly, which long term can cause trouble. To read about the negative spiral click here.