Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know if I am ready?

A: The best place to start is to read through this website. Then you listen to an audio download to prepare yourself which can be bought click here.

(Alternatively if you are unable to listen this way, you can read a copy of the book by Phil Parker called ‘An introduction to the Lightning Process’. You can buy this at the currently on sale price at click here )

If the information on the download or book makes sense to you and you feel you are ready to take the course you then complete the easy on-line application form on this website. Heather will then arrange a phone call where you can talk about the process and she can determine whether it is the right time for you to take the course.

Q: I have ME and I don’t know if I will be able to concentrate for the sessions or it may be too much for me as I don’t have much energy?

A: Many people are in the same position of having plenty of experience of not being able to focus or concentrate for long periods or experience tiredness or fatigue quickly. Because the seminar is so well put together, you can start to improve from early on,  and this natural concern is not a problem even on the first day. Hard to believe… but remember Heather also had ME/CFS so she understands the problems.

Q: Will the changes last or could I relapse?

A: The Lightning Process will be yours for life and if you continue to use the process and the concepts, you will continue to enjoy the same results for life. There are people who took the course years ago who would be happy to speak to you to confirm this.

Q: I don’t have an illness, is the course going to be suitable for me and my problems?

A: The Lightning Process is carefully tailored for anyone who takes the course. Heather is a highly experienced practitioner and has worked with a very wide range of people with a variety of issues.

Please feel free to contact Heather with any further questions.