The Lightning Process®  

Training the mind and body to work together for optimal energy, general wellness and happiness. The results are often reported as ‘dramatic’ and ‘amazing’.

The Lightning Process has 3 phases:

  1.  Finding out more information, reading this website and listening to the ‘Home Study’ download click here For anyone without access to a computer  there is an alternative option of reading the book for the information ‘An Introduction to the Lightning Process’ click here
  2. Taking a 3 day course (approx 4-5 hours each day, either a small group or as an individual training)
  3. Support afterwards as you put tools into practice

To find out more call Heather on 07941 372898 or email

Heather Thomas is one of the most experienced Advanced Practitioners of The Phil Parker Lightning Process® Programme

Jilly says ” While the Lightning Process is powerful in its near-immediate potential to heal and restore, for me the sense of empowerment it brings about is especially wonderful; you acquire vital skills at your fingertips, allowing you to quickly and reliably deal with all manner of challenges that may arise long after the seminar.  “

“… I can liken it to Roadside Assistance for your mind and body, which quickly restores optimal conditions, so that, post-seminar you are raring to go. Crucially, however, when you ‘drive’ off, you do so in the knowledge the LP has provided an amazing DIY repair kit within the metaphorical boot.  A tool kit that lasts for life, is timeless, free to use and versatile in its far-reaching applications, yet perfectly problem-specific in its capacity to repair. ”  click here for more on her story

Learning how to respond to life in a calm resourceful way instead of becoming stressed, is life changing for anyone. Turning off stress can quickly result in the positive ‘reset’ in the body and brain. For more on the effects of stress click here.

The LP can work rapidly because brain neural pathways are flexible, they can be easy to change to create new, more positive pathways. This principle is called neuroplasticity, read more click here  For testimonials  click here

To find out more call Heather on 07941 372898 or email:

Reading the book ‘An Introduction to the Lightning Process’ by Phil Parker is a good start  click here

To apply for a seminar complete the Lightning Process application form click here

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Heather is one of the most experienced practitioners and personally regained her energy and life after 16 years of ME/CFS, 12 years severely affected and bed-bound, using this remarkable process. Read more

She runs most groups and individual Lightning Process courses in Kings Langley in Herts (near Hemel Hempstead and Watford) and Weybridge in Surrey. She can train in people’s home if it is the only option.

Heather has worked extensively both in the UK and until 2013 also ran courses in Norway. She can help anyone achieve their  full potential for wellbeing and happiness. Heather was one of the first to take the Lightning Process to Norway and has helped hundreds to turn their lives around, clients including doctors, actors and celebrities.

Heather offers an extremely comprehensive post-seminar support package, including a half day group Refresher Seminar for all UK clients, plus plenty of follow-up calls.

“It is now over 2 years since the LP training, and I am completely well and living a normal life. The LP has given me so much more than I could ever have imagined. Obviously, my health and energy levels are much improved, but I have also been able to bring out the best of my personality. I am much calmer, and more confident, and far more able to deal with life’s inevitable ups and downs. I have a new perspective on life!^