Vanessa’s Story

Vanessa’s recovery is fully supported by her doctor, in writing.Vanessa before abseiling down church

“I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) in April 2007 by a consultant endocrinologist after initially presenting with food intolerances. Although this was the time of an official diagnosis, the consultant was strongly of the opinion that I had in fact had CFS since January 2000 when I had been ill previously. This made sense of many things which, until meeting the consultant, hadn’t made a great deal of sense. After the initial severe period of illness in 2000, I did recover pretty well and fortunately was relatively well. However, there were certain things which I knew just weren’t right, but nothing you could really put your finger on. After my diagnosis in April 2007, I managed to work part time for a short while until I caught a cold and things significantly deteriorated. I became housebound, and was bed bound for a month during the summer.

I was looked after by carers each day, and my parents made the 3 hour trip from their home frequently to look after me. I did have some cranial osteopathy which helped a little, and was able to go out in my wheelchair for short periods in the immediate local area, and engage in some activities (eg watching tv, colouring) before going to bed at 6 pm each night.

I had heard about the Lightning Process before I became very unwell, as a girl I knew from church had completed the course after having M.E. for many years. I had only caught the tail end of her conversation, but it was enough for me to check out the Lightning Process (LP) website. At the time, I didn’t have a diagnosis, and so wasn’t sure if LP would apply to me. Later, after my diagnosis, I dismissed LP for the time being as I thought I would exhaust other possibilities before spending a large amount of money on treatment. While I was bedbound/housebound however, I remembered the LP, and several friends and neighbours also contacted me to tell me about it. I was absolutely sure that I would do it as soon as I was well enough to attend the course. When I was eventually well enough in January 2008 to use my computer for short periods of time, I looked again at the LP website and read some of the testimonies. I was amazed to read that people in a far worse state than me were actually making their way to, and sitting through the course, and it appeared that I didn’t need to be any better than I was in order to do the course. I contacted my local practitioner and discussed how I would be able to get through the course, despite the fact that I was unable to sit for more than a short period of time, required large amounts of rest during the day, and went to bed at 6pm, when the course wasn’t due to finish until about 7 pm. She told me that I could take whatever necessary to be comfortable on the first day, (wheelchair, sunlounger, blankets etc etc etc!), but that I really wouldn’t need any of it on the second day. She was utterly confident of this, and so I drew on this confidence. I applied for a place on the course, and spent the next 6 weeks preparing, reading the introduction to the Lightning Process book a couple of times. Just reading the book increased my confidence, and by the time the day of the course arrived, aside from a few niggles, I was really determined that I was going to make the same sort of recovery that I had read about on the website.

And so, I arrived at the venue for the course on day 1 (24 March 2009) in my wheelchair, and looking as if I were going to be staying for at least a fortnight! I lay on my sunlounger as I listened to the theory behind the cause and maintenance of my illness. Then came the part of the course that I had really been waiting for- the actual process that would bring about my recovery. After an initial walk through of the process, we took a break. I decided to use the process there and then, and walked to the toilet without the aid of my crutches. The real breakthrough for me however came after being coached through the process again. I didn’t feel like lying down afterwards, so went to sit on one of the chairs. After sitting for a few minutes, I realised just how much in control I was of my own energy, and that CFS was now behind me. Just a short while after that, I pushed my own wheelchair out to the car, went to Tesco’s to buy some of the foods I had previously been unable to eat, (bacon sandwich was the choice!) and dropped in on a friend to surprise her and so she could see the already amazing difference! Wow!

There’s been no looking back since that day. In the space of just over a week I have made so many achievements- I’ve driven my car, been shopping to Sainsbury’s, cooked my own dinners (and begun to discover a bit of a masterchef!), eaten whatever I’ve liked, had showers, been out to my bible study group, used the washing machine, dishwasher and hoover (previously unimaginable due to the noise!), been thinking so clearly, listened to music again (such a joy!), watched telly with the colour on and the volume up, been out for walks in the park and to the village, had a long chat with a friend, and countless other things! On the one hand, it feels so natural to do all these things, and at the same time, so very new and wonderful!

I’m having a great deal of fun learning to live the life that I have so often dreamt of, but not known how to acquire. Now I know that it is no longer a dream and I can make that life happen, and am making it happen, using the Lightning Process. I’m regaining my fitness, confidence, independence, and exuberance and enthusiasm for life and am enormously looking forward to the future.

As for Phil Parker and his Lightning Process – I just want to say a HUGE thank you to you Phil for your commitment in designing the process so that I can make this enormous change. THANK YOU! Great thanks also to my trainer, Heather for her wonderful coaching and support. THANK YOU!

And now… I’m going to go and get on with the rest of my life!”

October 2009 Vanessa update

“Well, it’s 6 months since I did the Lightning Process training, and so much has changed in my life during this time. Actually, the difference between now and even just 3 months ago is HUGE! Things just keep on getting better!

I’ve returned to work 2 days a week, which I am thoroughly enjoying, and am taking steps to build up to doing a third day in the not too distant future. I’ve started going back to fitness classes (and finding I’m fortunately not quite as unfit as I thought I may have been!), and have joined the choir at church. I go out with friends a couple of times a week at weekends and midweek (What? On a school night?!) Recently I took part in a sponsored challenge on a canal boat to raise money for the charity I work for, and also recently got up and sang with the band at my brother’s 40th birthday party!

Well, those are the specific things which have changed since doing the Lightning Process, but there are broader reasons too as to why life is so much better.

I have found that I am much calmer and more positive. I’m more patient, and, instead of constantly looking forward to the end result of a plan, and something better, am enjoying the processes involved, and enjoying the present moment. I’m also no longer held back by a whole load of unhelpful beliefs.

I love waking up in the morning, full of energy. I wake up with a smile on my face, knowing that I can do whatever I want. Every day feels like Christmas day, whether I’ve got a day out with friends planned, a day at work, or just a trip to the supermarket.

I love being able to make plans, knowing that I will be able to carry them through.

I love having ideas, and just putting them into action. I’ve found it doesn’t matter if the outcome is not successful (that’s a bonus!).

I love being able to be busy, and keep going all day, EVERY day.

I love being able to be involved.

I love the positive feedback I’m getting at work that I’m doing a good job.

And I love surprising people by how amazingly well I’m doing!

I know that I don’t always get it right, but I love using the Lightning Process as I know what a difference it makes in such a short space of time. I’m still using the Lightning Process to meet new challenges (and believe me, even after 6 months, there are still plenty of those!)

Overall, my life has become full of the happiness and contentment that most people spend a lifetime searching for. Life is sweet!”

Vanessa’s I year update: “Walking on the moon”

“Back in September 2009, there were many programmes shown on television to mark the 40th anniversary of the first landing on the moon. In one of them, the presenter interviewed a few of the only 12 men who had walked on the moon. One of them has spent his life since then painting pictures of the moon landings, trying to make sense of what he had done, settle back into normal life, and convey to others, who had no concept of walking on the moon, what he had seen and done.

I remember thinking that life following the Lightning Process training and recovery from M.E. has, in some ways, been similar. I know that there are rather more people who have completed the Lightning Process training than just the handful of men who walked on the moon, but, generally speaking, instantly jumping out of your wheelchair and walking after months of being immobile, and years with a severely debilitating illness, is as alien a concept to most people as walking on the moon.

I have spent the past few months reclaiming my life and regaining some sort of normality. Normality has returned, in the form of work, fitness classes, art classes, evenings out with friends, shopping, cooking meals and one hundred and one other ways. Everything has been underpinned by the awesomeness of knowing that I have achieved something amazing and incredible, and so even the ordinary, everyday things became extraordinary. Now, a year on, aside from a few minor blips, I have integrated the Lightning Process more fully, automatically and naturally into my everyday life, and am feeling even more settled and fulfilled. And actually, even the blips have proved to be useful learning opportunities in doing everything even better!

I remember reading a book about M.E. shortly after being diagnosed. There is one piece of “advice” which stood out to me; that when you have M.E., you have to get used to sitting on the sidelines and watch everyone else having a good time. That was total anathema to a fun-loving extrovert like myself, and I never accepted that would be my lot.

I am so thankful for the Lightning Process, and for those people who helped to make my recovery possible through its’ use. It has truly allowed me to be that fun-loving extrovert. The Lightning Process has been more far reaching in changing my life than I could have imagined. I’m me, but just with the best bits! I have often heard people say they would like to wave a magic wand to make all the bad things disappear. The Lightning Process is probably the closest thing you can get to waving a magic wand!

Vanessa before abseilMany never believed it would be possible for man to walk on the moon. Conventional medicine believes it is not possible to recover from M.E. Although extraordinary, and almost beyond comprehension, the fact is that these things have happened. Neil Armstrong did walk on the moon, and, with some effort and determination, I have recovered completely from M.E.

I have spoken to very many people about the Lightning Process over the last months, many of whom could benefit from using it in their lives for a whole variety of reasons. I have found that, mostly, everyone is amazed and extremely pleased for me for the changes that they see in me. However, I am only aware of one of these people choosing to do the Lightning Process for themselves. In my experience, I have found that there are several reasons which may prevent people from doing the Lightning Process and making those changes for themselves.

I would encourage anyone to find within themselves whatever is necessary to commit to doing the Lightning Process training. I know what it is like to be in that place, and I now know what it is like to be free. I’m looking forward to the year and continuing living my extraordinary life!”

Vanessa articleMagazine Article ‘My Abbots News’ July 09

The article is a reporter’s interpretation of the interview with Vanessa and there are some slight inaccuracies within the article, particularly that it is not possible to merely ‘come along’, there is an application process to be under-taken before being accepted on a seminar. However the results are as reported and Vanessa’s belief that she has ‘recovered’ is fully supported by a doctor.
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