Tone’s Story

Hi Heather!

ToneThere`s been a lot of positive changes since I spoke with you. I still have a lot of energy every day – and I do a lot of things everyday! I still get up at about 0830 every morning – feeling good and ready for a new day 🙂 And I don`t have to lay down and rest during the day. I sleep well and I don`t use any painkillers for my back and muscles. I tolerate sounds (like in cafès) and I can stay many hours in town shopping and talking to friends at c afès. Me and Kent go for long walkes and that is very nice. I get stronger in my legs and in my body. We`ve been on several trips this summer – being much more active then we`ve been in years 🙂

ToneI`m much more positive and calmer now than before the seminar. It`s been so nice to be able to spend more time at my parents house – helping my mother cleaning the house – and they are really happy to see the changes that`ve happened. As all my friends are too!

I am so grateful that you taught me the LP the way you did. You are so positive and energetic – you show me that it`s possible to recover from ME and live a life you love – and that makes me believe that it`s possible for me too! Thank you for giving me the tools to bring back my life that I love 🙂

With love,

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