Sylvia’s Story

(Thanks to Heather and the Lightning Process)

I was finally diagnosed with Postal Viral Fatigue Syndrome – ME in 1988.  I tried to struggle on with my job in teaching but after repeated and lengthening spells off sick I took early retirement in 1992.

Over the years I tried ( and spent much money on)  most of the alternative therapies and diets, Yoga etc and had counselling. I live alone and eventually learned to accept my limitations and try to work my life around them and thus developed a certain quality of life albeit carefully managed to prepare for and crash out after some activities which other people take for granted.

A friend whose stepdaughter had suffered ME for many years described how she had recovered after doing the the LIGHTNING PROCESS. I then read about it in the press and the Action for ME quarterly journal ‘Interaction’ and then heard the Radio 4 programme about it.

However I was still very sceptical about it and worried about the expense, having tried so many therapies in the past. I then heard of a couple more success stories and one day my granddaughter was visiting and mentioned that her 13 year old school friend had recovered from ME and wasn’t that what I had.

This prompted me to find out more about it and even though I had to struggle to overcome my scepticism,I decided to ‘give it a go’. I contacted my friend whose daughter had done it to find  out who had trained her and then got in touch with Heather and  six months on I am still leading a ‘normal’ life.

It was remarkable. I had three consecutive daily sessions. At the end of the first I felt good and went for a long walk in the woods, and made good progress each day. No longer do I have to be tentative about social engagements. I wake in the morning with the desire to get up and get on with my day. I had a wonderful Christmas with both of my families all together (10 of us) for 5 days.  I see more of my family and enjoy more physical activities with my grandchildren. I get a train up to the West End of London for shopping or theatre and even had a really special night out cheering on my favourite premiership football team in the Champions League climbing all the steps to row 18 in the upper tier. I enjoy walking again and look forward to our family holiday in Cornwall and taking part in all the activities without sitting out on the sidelines. And on and on and on.
I owe so much to Heather who showed a genuine interest in me and was inspired by her enthusiasm, buoyant, caring and friendly personality and who GAVE ME MY LIFE BACK.

Sylvia,  Welwyn Garden City

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