Stephanie’s Story

Hello Heather,

How are you anyway? Still extremely busy? I am great!

I suffered from M.E. from ages 11-20, I had all the blood tests going and saw specialists who diagnosed me with it. I missed 4 years of school, could only work part time from the age of 17 and was almost hospiltalised with it. I tried many alternative therapies, none of which worked, so when I was told about LP I was very skeptical. However at the beginning of the year I became very ill again and basically bedbound (5 months off from my 4hr-a-day job) and I thought enough was enough.

I did LP and was taught the mistakes that I was making and I havent looked back since. I’m not saying it has been easy as it has been one of the hardest things I have ever done (mostly the first 3 days!) and some days I still have to work very hard at it but I now see the patterns and know the signs.

Since the LP 8 months ago, I now have my life back! I went travelling for 2 months in Australia, New zealand and Fiji where the days were very long and I had to do a lot of walking and physical work- it was great! I did lots of amazing things including swimming with dolphins, snorkelling, flying in a helecopter and climbing a glacier! On my return trip I was travelling for more than 40 hours, airport to airport!

I now work longer hours and instead of having a 3 hour sleep when I get home from work I go to the gym for 1 hour, come home and walk the dogs and then cook dinner! It is fantastic to have energy when I need it. M.E. was a living hell, but I’m past that now and I’m proud!

I hope you are well and send my thanks again,


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