Sigrid’s Story

An email from 14 year old Sigrid who took the seminar in April 2008

Dear Heather!

Here comes a greeting from a lucky, healthy and active girl.

I’m fantastic, and I live the life I love!

I join the classes a 100%, I play football and meet friends,

This summer I joined a lot of camps and I live a social life!

A Thursday in the summer holiday, I was on a trip on the bike, with my dad,

We was biking 80km!

Two days later, I was rafting on the Otta River.

That was very cool!

And the day after the rafting, I was on a trip on a glacier called the fairy-tale ice.

That is something you should do next time you are in Norway!

Thank you so much for teaching me Lightning process!

Love from Sigrid!

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