Sarah’s Story

Dear Heather,

I just wanted to write to you to thank you so much for teaching me the ‘Lightning Process’ at your course in February.  I have gained so much benefit from the processes you taught me and I am excited to say that I have made so much progress on many fronts by using the process.

The process has enabled me to raise my energy levels to the extent that I swam with my son for the first time ever!  Yes, I had been in a pool and ‘bobbed’ about with him before, but I had not swum.  I swum two lengths and also played with him in the pool for half an hour.  I don’t know who was more happy, him or I.  I have also been able to take my elderly parents on a weekend away, managing all the packing, unpacking, driving, cooking and days out!  The process has also helped in other unexpected areas of my life, such as stress management and confidence.

The key certainly is consistency, and I know I have to keep working hard at this, but the benefits – as you can see – are well worth the effort.

You have been so supportive, Heather, and it has meant a lot to know that you are always there at the end of the phone for support and extra guidance.  Thank you does not seem enough, but it is a heart felt THANK YOU !!!

Kindest regards,

Sarah Whelan 4th June, 2010

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