Ruth’s Story

I have just emailed Heather one year on from going on the Lightning Process seminar with her to report on and rejoice in my progress, and she has suggested I might like to do an article for the website.  One year on it is hard to believe how restricted life was – it is like a bad dream.  Occasionally I stop and remind myself of what life was like then and it makes me so grateful for what I can do now.  I had CFS for about 10 years, was unable to work but knew loads about having to rest and pace myself etc.with the little capacity I had.

One year on from the Lightning Process seminar, where I got my energy and life back, I am leading a ‘normal’ life.  I am now working part-time and attending college to refresh and upgrade my skills for the future.  I have been able to return to the things that I enjoy – playing badminton, driving good distances, walking miles in the countryside, having a social life.  My husband and I felt we were embarking on a new marriage and now enjoy doing things together, which he had to do on his own when I was ill, in a more full way than ever before.


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