Runi’s Story

An email from Runi in February 2008 who took the training in Oslo December 2007:

Dear Heather,

I’ve strength and energy, catching up on a number of things, but balancing so that it’s fun to do it and not just because I feel I should. I got my slalom-stuff and went skiing with my five-year-old, that was great fun. But now it’s only raining, so we are waiting for new snow. We’ve been skating and swimming, going to birthday parties and dinner parties, I’ve energy at work AND when I get back home AND in the weekends – and that’s a huge change. I’ve already started on the big “fixing-everything-i-couldn’t-do-in-the-house-the-last-four-years”-project, and since it seems to be inspiring my husband as well the progress is really good.

People I meet are telling me I look different, better, well. And I’ve much more mental strength, more like before ME: Seeing solutions and possibilities instead of problems, calmness and constructive thinking – like I used to – , no stress over other peoples issues and problems, I can now separate them from me – it feels SO GOOD.  We’re going on a weekend trip to Rome in march, just for pleasure, and I’m looking REALLY forward to that! AND I’m going away on a seminar (job) for a couple of days in February, so this is also great. Two trips in one month and no worries – FANTASTIC!

I still have a fever, though, but it doesn’t slow me down as much as it used to.   Hope you are doing fine!

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