Richard’s Story

After suffering from ME for 17 years, I finally found something that worked! While better, it had been wheelchair, chair lift, almost entire social isolation, no TV, radio, little reading, total exhaustion. In other words, like a lot of others with ME. Worst was maybe the feeling I was draining my family and friends instead of enjoying and supporting them as I wanted to.

I first read about the Lightning Process in an article sent out to ME patients from the local ME association which was not particularly encouraging. A short time later, my son-in-law told me he had a young male patient who was considerably improved after attending an LP course. I was doubtful, but started finding what material I could on the subject, mainly using internet. Finally I contacted Heather and was accepted on the July, 2008 course.

After a short time on the first day, I realized that I could not try to make sense of the process, but just be open minded, positive and try it out. At the end of the first day, I felt that I no longer had ME. Not only that, I felt that I would never have it again! No relapses for me. I was going to use this thing to keep well and I have done so. I have also used LP in my other aspects of my life and it has worked. While it mostly happens automatically now, I actively use the process nearly every day.

Today, in addition to my normal life, I’m an active grandfather, choir member, and guardian for 2 boys from Afghanistan who have applied for political asylum and enjoy an active social live. My hour’s daily walk with my dog is a source of joy, not exhaustion.

Thank you Heather for being a great course manager and teacher. You’ve got a big heart, but combine that with a toughness which got us through the course and on towards our wonderful lives.

Richard, 58 years old

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