Nina’s Story

It’s now 10 months since I did the Lightning Process with Heather. For over a year, fatigue had kept me housebound, (and often bed-bound) and unable to care properly for my family. If I went out, it was in a wheelchair. LP gave me my life back. After Day 1 of the course, I walked into town to the cinema with my children – after not being able to even walk the length of my street without triggering a relapse. On Day 2, I drove myself to the course, and in the evening I cycled to a friend’s house – she could not believe her eyes! After Day 3, more driving and more cycling.  The following week, I went on holiday to Greece with my family, and walked along beaches and swam in the sea like a ‘normal’ person. I remember reading testimonials on Heather’s website when deciding whether to give LP a go and thinking it sounded too good to be true – but it absolutely does work. LP gave me back my life, and gave me back to my husband and children. I am not limited by my energy in any way, but am leading a fully active life – in fact, I’m fitter than ever! We are off hillwalking and wild camping in Scotland next week, when I’ll be walking with a 15kilo rucksack for 3 days. And in the summer we will be hiking and camping in the Grand Canyon, riding horses on a ranch, kayaking, and much more. If LP worked for me, why shouldn’t it work for you?!

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