Marianne’s Story

I had ME for ten years. I was bedridden 24-7 for six years. I did the LP-course December 2007. The first day i arrived with a wheel-chair and laid down on a sofa with my hot waterbottles and blankets all through the day. By the end of the first day, we got to do the Lightning Process for the first time. I didn’t quite realize it at the time, but that’s when it happened; I felt I was well! I went outdoor for a walk later that evening and had my first meal out of bed for 6 years. No symptoms returned!

The second day of the course I sat up in the sofa all day. No blanket, no hot waterbottles. No symptoms. After the third day I visited my best friend, enjoying bringing her and her whole family in awe. I really haven’t had any physical ME-symptoms after the first evening of the LP-course. And believe me; there used to be plenty of them. After 6 years in bed, my body needs some time to adjust, to rebuild, to get it’s flexibility and strength back, but the only “symptoms” I experience are mental or emotional ones. I keep doing the process on them every day, and trust that whenever the process feels a little difficult to do, when maybe I have to do it over and over again to get back to the life I love, that is when I really rebuild healthy pathways in my brain and nerve system. That’s all the motivation I need. I have too much to lose.

I loved doing the LP-course with Heather. She has such a good heart and at the same time she is able to push a little when needed. After years of heavy “ME-torture” it’s hard to trust or even recognize that it’s really over, and I needed to be challenged a little to get out of the habitual and destructive defence patterns I built up to protect myself. Heather is able to do that in an intelligent and loving way. She is a generous person and genuinely caring for everybody’s success.

Thank you Heather, for showing me how to get my life back.

Marianne (name changed)

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