Marianne’s Story

Dear Heather!

MarianneI was in Oslo in May -08 at The Lightning Process with you.  I am so happy to tell you that I now am living the life that I love!:-)

In the beginning I was having some difficulties with the Process, but now it is easy.

I am now able to take good care of my husband and our three children, and as you can imagine, that feels REALLY GOOD.

In June we were one week on holliday to the Netherlands, and I was walking for a whole day in Amsterdam!

Earlier I was really afraid to fly, but now I am completely relaxed.  We have also been 10 days in our cabin. There we were walking a lot in the mountains.

Every day I am walking and training with my dog, and tomorrow we are going to compete in obedience!:-)    I have also been able to read a lot of books.

So, you see – I can do everything that I want!!

Heather, I am SO GRATEFUL for what you and the Lightning Process gave to me and my family!!

With love from Marianne and Jan


Marianne is enjoying life with her family and dogs and taking further education.


Update on Marianne Feb 2013

Dear Heather! Just wanted to tell you that I am now in Argentina. I am learning spanish for 1 month, and then I am going to work as a volenteer with equine theraphy for two months. It is with disabled children. I am travelling om my own, and I could not hav done this without the LP. Thank you again! Love from Marianne

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