Katie’s Story

I suffered severe migraines for 3 years.  The initial trigger was a marriage breakup, but over the 3 years I seemed to get them for every little reason and even no reason .. just a repeatable pattern of every 2/3 weeks experiencing intense compression in my head, a sick feeling and finally pain which lead me to spend 2 days in bed, throwing up, eating nothing and suffering extreme pain.  I took endless days off work, where I had to work twice as hard afterwards to catch up .. and everyone came to know that ‘Katie has migraines every 2 weeks, she’ll be ill for 2 days, recovering for 1 and then her usual bouncy, energetic self again’.

The Lightning Process taught me that I was in control of all of this and had expertly built up this destructive pattern (not knowing that and definitely not wanting it but I had been able to get my brain to expect and look for the symptoms and my body to react in the way it knew it should).  The LP is so logical and so simple, you wonder why you didn’t realise it and do something about it yourself.  But when you are in this cycle and downward pattern, you just don’t know how to get out. The LP shows you how to break the pattern and change the destructive one into a constructive one.

For me it has been life changing (as is so often quoted by others who have done the course).  I actually went to the course at the start of a migraine and on the first day rushed home and was really sick… that was the last time (April 2010) and from then on, I have improved and improved.  Over the last few months, I still have had some headaches but very low level – they haven’t interrupted anything I was doing, and in most cases I have been able to get rid of them before they even came.  When I haven’t got rid of them, I have managed through them easily – no-one would even know that I had one (e.g. I had one when with my brother in law in Germany – we went swimming and I swam 1 Km … with a headache, just doing the LP to get through it..made me smile to think I had done that).  As time goes on, it gets easier and easier to stop the headaches, and I am thinking right now that I won’t get another one – it really feels like I am on track to 100% health.  In fact these days I hardly do the LP – just when I feel I need it.  Makes me really impressed by how powerful my brain is, and actually so proud that I have turned this around myself (with some expert tuition and follow up advice from Heather).  I would really recommend anyone who is feeling stuck in any way to do the LP .. I believe it definitely works.

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