Gale’s Story

Since doing the Lightning Process almost 2 months ago I am still finding it difficult to take in the enormity of the change it has made to my life. Every day since then has been like an amazing voyage of discovery as I incorporate my newfound freedom into daily living, and as I rise to meet each new challenge I am continually reinforcing the empowerment and improvements I have made. Over 4 years ago I became very ill and was diagnosed with M.E. after 8 or 9 years of recurrent viral infections. In my search for a solution I tried many forms of treatment including homeopathy, reiki, reflexology, nutritional supplements, exclusion diets, E.F.T., C.B.T., pacing and a graded exercise programme. All of these helped to some degree, but much to my disappointment, I still suffered the frustrating and debilitating symptoms of ‘moderate’ M.E.

My decision to do the Lightning Process came like a ‘bolt from the blue’ one miserable Monday, when I lay on my bed still attempting to recover from a rare outing the previous Friday evening. By contrast, this very happy Monday, I am writing my success story, after having been out on Saturday night from 8 until 1, listening to a rock band, and dancing! Yes me, who struggled to walk 20yds on good day was dancing! This is rapidly becoming a regular thing for me, and although I do find I need to take it a bit easy the next day (I am 53 after all!) I just think of myself as being in convalescence at the moment. My sister, who had Fibromyalgia for many years, decided also to do the Lightning Process, after seeing my incredible transformation, she now believes she is well, which was wonderful for me to see and, is further confirmation of the power of this Process!

I am gaining strength and stamina as every day goes by, and as my energy levels increase I am able to do more and more. I find I actually love the feeling of muscle ache now, because it’s a different, good feeling of underused muscles building up. Since day 2 of the Lightning Process I’ve had virtually no ‘pay back’ apart from a normal tiredness, which any healthy person would expect after a long illness. Neither do I get dizziness, brain-fog, nor that horrible ‘poisoned’ feeling which was such a usual part of my life for so long. If I do hit a problem I use the Process and the problem disappears, and knowing that my trainer, Heather Thomas, is always only a phone call away is a great comfort. I really cannot speak highly enough of Heather who is an absolute star. She is great fun, and is a wonderfully caring and genuinely lovely person, but she is also a very conscientious teacher who is persistently determined to ensure the training programme is perfectly understood. When the initial excitement in the first few days after doing the Process wore off I began sleeping like a baby, to awake refreshed and alert and filled with a wonderful feeling of aliveness and joie de vie, which I never really expected to last, but it has! The added benefits of increased confidence and self-esteem, which come from doing the Lightning Process are a very welcome bonus, now all I have to do is to decide in which direction to take my new life as the possibilities are endless! I would like to take this opportunity to offer my most profound gratitude to Heather, and also of course to Phil Parker himself, without whom none of this would have been possible. How can you thank someone for giving you back your life? As far as I’m concerned the man is an absolute genius and I will be forever indebted to him, bless him!

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