Eli’s Story

When I decided to join the Lightning Process seminar with Heather (Feb 2008) I had ran out of options. My life had been restricted to staying home with my family most of the time doing as little as possible for more than two years. I suffered from all kinds of symptoms, from dizziness, overwhelming fatigue and sound sensitivity to muscle pain, migraine and sleep problems. I was unable to work and participate in normal social activities. Any activity such as going for a walk or having dinner with family or friends left me exhausted and unwell for days. I had tried almost every imaginable treatment or therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, acupuncture, healing etc, in addition to numerous diet restrictions and supplements. I never felt depressed, more a sense of despair and from not being able to live a normal life and concern for the future. I was 42 years old and had never been sick before.

In the morning before the start of the second day of the seminar I had a shower. And for the first time in a very long time I didn’t have to sit down on the bathroom floor to gather the strength to dry off and get dressed. I simply got out of the shower and got on with the day! I continued to experience amazing improvements during the second and third day and I could join the others in a restaurant for dinner without any difficulties, the sounds and noise in a restaurant had been unbearable just 2 days before.

After returning home I used LP in many different situations, sometimes 10-15 times a day. Within a week I was able to go to sleep and sleep through the night by using the process, and I regained more energy and strength every day. I now have a job I love, go for hikes with my husband and our dogs and have a fulfilling social life.

Heather is an amazingly inspiring and wonderful trainer! She carried out the training and follow-up in the most professional way, and she helped me to see aspects of my relationship to my health that I hadn’t been able to spot. She is deeply committed to helping others and I am very grateful for having had the opportunity to take part in this wonderful, life enhancing process. Thank you, Heather!

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