Eldrid’s Story

EldridIt amazes me to see my daughter take the bus by her self. For most people that would be a common thing, counting that the daughter is a 19 year old. But mine was sick for 6 years with ME.

We tried everything! Vitamins, acupuncture, medicine, changing food…. You name it, we tried it. And we had SO “many good advices” from people! Some thought she was just lazy, some thought she was plain dumb.  My daughter missed a lot of school. She saw a lot of doctors. She went to a lot of hospitals and went though a lot of examinations. We discovered that sun was good for her so my husband bought us a trip to Bulgaria. She blossomed! But then it was back to basic when we came back to cold and rainy Norway. Then my daughter became pregnant at the age of 18. I kind of panicked. I was sad not only because she was pregnant before she had the chance of finishing school, but also because she was ill. I thought I was not only going to be a grandmother, but I figured I was going to have to be a “mother” to the baby too. Full-time working grandmother with a sick daughter and a baby to take care of! I dreaded it! Then I heard about Heather Thomas and her treatment. It was expensive for us, but my daughter had some money coming in. We contacted Heather and we went to Rickmansworth with high hopes in march. The baby was due april 19……

The time with Heather made a HUGE difference! The first day we came my daughter was very weak. I thought of how to get her to eat dinner at night. I thought I had to go get some takeaway and take it to the room at the hotel. But when we returned to the hotel at night, she demanded that we should go out to eat! I was stunned! Just STUNNED! That night I actually fell asleep before her! And the next morning she went shopping before AND after all the time we spent with Heather!
We came home and the first thing my husband said was that he noticed the change in our daughter. She was calmer, not so angry and she had more energy. HE had gotten a new daughter.
The baby, a BEAUTIFUL boy was born at april 17th by a energetic woman that went though labor like she never had ME before! She has single-handed taken care of the baby and it amazes me to see  how she copes. I am ONLY the grandmother, just like it’s supposed to be. She is no more tired than other new moms and she takes the boy to activities and she goes to the movies and takes the bus and go for walks and……… She is a NORMAL young mom. No, let me correct that. She is a WONDERFUL young mother! And she is my daughter!
Thank you, Heather!  Best regards Eldrid Antonesen, the most grateful mother/grandmother in the world!

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