It has been over a month now since I completed the Lightning Process, and my life has never been better! When I started the training I had been ill with M.E for 5 years (since the age of 14), and had tried all manner of medications and seen many doctors, all to no avail. Within a few hours of beginning the first day of the course I already was feeling strong and energetic! Thichloe photo for websites was especially amazing as I hadn’t slept much at all the night before. By the second day I knew that I would never be ill with M.E again. I was finally free.
On the last day of the training I bought myself a pair of running shoes. I have gone from practically housebound to jogging and cycling five times a week! I have also got a job as a carer, started learning to drive, and enrolled in college to do an access course so that I can go to university. For years I felt that my life was on hold, but now I am able to do all the things I have been dreaming of and much, much more
UPDATE from Chloe December 2014

It’s been six – nearly seven – months since I completed the Lightning Process, and I am still living the life I love every single day. There have been tough days, but I have always managed to get straight back on track!

I am currently studying full time and have applied to university to study nursing – my dream job. I also have been working part time as a carer, doing physically demanding 12 hour shifts. When I was ill with M.E I would never have dreamed of doing a job as challenging as caring, but I love my job, and I love being more than resilient enough to do it! Last month I ran 5 kilometers while dressed as Santa, and did it in 36 minutes without stopping. I am so proud of myself and the huge progress that I have made. Some days I look back and am amazed by how much I have achieved from using the lightning process.

UPDATE August 2015

More than a year has now passed since I completed the Lightning Process, and in that time I have never once experienced the fatigue of M.E, or any of the other symptoms associated with that illness.

I have achieved so much in the last year, I have learned to drive, successfully applied for university, and run so many miles that I have had to buy a new pair of running shoes. One of my (many) dreams while I was ill with M.E was to go inter-railing around Europe – and so this summer I did just that.

I use the process nearly every day, and every time I put my mind to it, every time I work through the process, I experience positive changes.