Catherine’s Story

Doing the Lightning Process course is the most empowering and liberating thing I have ever done. By using the process, consistently, I have completely changed my life for the better.  The best thing about it is I can continue to use it to improve well beyond anything I ever thought was possible!

The 3 day course I initially attended enabled me to go from very low energy levels, muscular pain, short term memory loss, to mention only a few of my difficulties, to a fighting fit, well person by the end of it. It almost felt miraculous as it was all so quick but most importantly I can take all the credit for the changes I have made. By learning the process and taking on board the concept fully I was able to stop doing Chronic Fatigue and start doing a normal life and choose to enjoy all the things I had been wanting to do for such a long time!

I learnt to question the beliefs which had been exacerbating the cycle of symptoms I had. This is the empowering part as you have a choice with any thought or belief you have and you can change it in an instant.

Now I am living the life I love, as a well person, I have had to adapt to everyday life. I have continued to use the process to tackle going back to work, and lots of other situations that before I may have struggled to cope with.

I attended the ‘Building Your Future’ seminar about 6 months after initially doing the 3 day course. It was great to meet other people who had been doing the process and learn how they used it in their lives. I also found it useful to go back over the basics having already used it for a few months, as I could really concentrate and apply it to previous experience. It gives you an opportunity to re-visit and fine tune the processes you are already using and I was inspired by the other people in the group to start some new processes.  It was also good to acknowledge how far I have come since originally learning the process and gave me a confidence boost to take it even further.

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