Bonnie’s Story

My health deteriorated drastically overnight in 2012 and I started experiencing lots of unexplained symptoms such as pain, exhaustion, sinus inflammation, food intolerances, and more … I spent the following 18 months’ bed ridden and needing up to 21 hours of sleep a day, but feeling unrested. Over the next 2 years after an ME/CFS diagnosis, I saw a consultant at Great Ormond Street Hospital, but the treatments (homeopathy, graded exercise therapy and melatonin) didn’t help and I was still house bound. I turned to the online ME community and tried alternative treatments they recommended – restrictive diets, supplements, meditation, stretching and yoga… but nothing changed. I was really frustrated after lots of failed attempts at regaining my health and suffered with quite severe depression and anxiety as a result.

It took three different people (one of them was my consultant) to recommend I try the lightning process over the course of my illness before I considered it in 2015. After a friend got better, I decided it was worth a try and phoned Heather. She explained what was involved and I was booked in for the next course.

After the first day, I was not sure that it was going to work for me. I had a panic attack and texted Heather, who called and chatted with me for half an hour. By the end of the phone call I was laughing! She has understanding and wisdom that comes from experience having been through this herself. She is sympathetic, gentle, reassuring and intelligent. I cannot recommend Heather enough. On days 2 and 3 the techniques were coming naturally and my body was feeling good again! I was full of energy throughout the day and able to go for walks and spend hours shopping, and then sleep through the night. I was eating things that I couldn’t before and feeling great. At first I was nervous about relapsing, but I was only feeling better and better physically and mentally. I saw the other women on the course with me experience the same amazing results. I learnt so much about my body and ME was no longer a mystery. I am so impressed at how far ahead Phil Parker and the lightning process practitioners are in their knowledge and experience of health and ME/CFS.

It has been nearly four months since then and I am having a lot of fun and making up for lost time. I’m able to have a social life, go to the gym, work fulltime and I have plans to go to college this year. I have been to see my consultant for the last time and am no longer a patient at GOSH. I feel amazingly healthy – more so even than before I became ill. I am so grateful to Phil for his work developing the lightning process and commitment to helping people with ME/CFS, and to Heather for teaching me how to use the process and inspiring me with her own story. I felt like my situation was hopeless before discovering the lightning process, and I feel so lucky to have my life back.