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Lightning Process Group Oslo July 2008

My Journey from Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I am a nurse, the fortunate mother of  2 wonderful children and married to a loving and Supportive husband who is a cardiologist.  It’s now 14 years since I first saw a Rheumatologist with complaints of muscle pains and severe fatigue.  I  found these symptoms very distressing and difficult to cope with. As time progressed I was overwhelmed by a sense of fatigue and problems focusing and concentrating.  After thorough exams no specific etiology was uncovered and I was given a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I had experienced a stubborn throat infection but did not think much of it at the time. As the symptoms progressed I was recommended physical therapy and started an exercise program with little benefit.  As I got pregnant with my second child my symptoms improved, but returned again after I stopped breast feeding.    I found myself attempting to conserve energy and in the process gradually withdrawing from social events as well as struggling to keep up with the demands of daily life. My Rheumatologist tried me on a variety of  medications; painkillers, antidepressants, stimulants and sleeping pills in order to suppress my aches and pains, boost my energy and concentration, and enhance my sleep.  I tried all kinds of dietary supplements including Ambrotose (at double strength for 6 months) and D-ribose.  I consulted an allergist who put me on a strict anti-candida diet and anti-fungal medications. This helped some of the minor symptoms, but had little effect on the pain and fatigue. I also tried many forms of ‘complementary medicine’ including acupuncture, kinesiology and herbal supplements, – all without significant benefits. I even consulted with a psychiatrist and read books on positive thinking, but experienced no significant improvement .

My lack of concentration (“brain-fog”) was making it ever more difficult to do the things I needed to do, like driving, attending seminars and meetings, shopping, etc, and I found my life getting more and more limited by my failing health.  I often stayed home from social and school events and my husband and kids were getting used to a social life without me.

I was getting desperate for a cure, and refused to accept what I read in the medical literature – that very few recoveries were observed especially in patients afflicted for more than 8 years.  I was a member of the Chronic Fatigue and Immune Deficiency Association (CFIDS), and read all I could come across about my condition whenever I could find the strength.  I often spent several hours a day searching the internet. The work of Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum fascinated me, since it at least offered some hope of improvement, and I finally signed up with one of his colleagues, a pioneer in the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Center concept. The first few months I thought I felt slightly better, but I soon had to admit to myself that my investment was not paying off in terms of significant and lasting improvement in energy, ability to concentrate or improvement in my quality of life.

Even though I didn’t get the improvement I was seeking through these means I still want to emphasize that I am very grateful for the support of these individuals and organizations. Because of the elusive nature of this disease, and the difficulty obtaining results with standard therapies, most medical practitioners would be tempted to avoid seeing patients like me. I was, however, fortunate to meet physicians who took me seriously, believed me and encouraged me along the way.

Feeling quite disillusioned and not at all ready for any new “wonder cures”, I was less than impressed when my mom wanted me to look into a program called the ‘Lightning Process’.  My mother related the experience of a friend who had made a remarkable recovery from a 20 year illness of chronic fatigue.  She was also a nurse and had been on state disability due to her illness. My mother told me of her dramatic recovery and put me in touch with her.

A three day training session leading to such dramatic results sounded too good to be true.  What I could not argue with though, was the sheer numbers of people reporting fast and dramatic results through this training. To my surprise my husband (who had already seen me through lots of ‘promising’, but disappointing and often costly attempts) was very supportive of the idea of trying this training program.  He had independently read reports on the internet and the results were impressive. I must admit I was very skeptical. After having tried so much without significant results to show for all my efforts I was not ready for another let-down.  The explanations of the program given to me by my recovered friend, on the Lightning Process’ web-site and in the screening interview I had completed with the instructor answered most of my questions.  It also became clear to me that, as with most training experiences, the only way I could fully understand the program was by actually taking it. Through this process of inquiry and investigation I felt I had enough information to make the decision to apply.

The rest is now history –

I attended a 3 day session while our family were vacationing in Norway in the summer of 2008.  We were 7 participants. My husband was eagerly waiting to pick me up after the first day, and I was hopeful but still too cautious to celebrate.  Amazingly I felt energized, but was afraid of this being another fleeting experience setting me up for a let-down when the initial ‘placebo-effect’ would wear off.  After the 3rd day, however, I felt quite confident that this would be the recovery I  had dreamt about. I had amazingly been able to experience energy and vitality that had been out of my reach for over a decade.  The training sessions had given me powerful tools and I felt confident that I was on my way out of the prison this condition had placed me in.

It has now been more than 10 months since I took the training, and my energy has consistently been back to the level it was before I got sick. This has allowed me to add to my nursing degree by becoming a Lightning Process Practitioner, traveling to London every month to study with Phil Parker at his Training Institute.

Berit Frivold now works herself as a practitioner in California, U.S.  

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