Angela’s Story

The Lightning Process: one the best things I’ve done for my self!

I have been struggling with different kinds of anxiety since I was a child.  The last few years I have also been physically ill quite a lot, and this made my anxiety even worse.  I heard about Heathers seminar from two friends who mentioned that she and the Lightning Process could help me.  At first I said no. I have been to at least 30 different therapists and was SOOO tired of getting advice, breathing techniques and herbs. But then I checked her website and got curious. Maybe it was right for me anyway? After a phonecall with Heather Thomas I was convinced. She seemed smart and experienced, and I liked her immediately. She made it clear that I had to be ready and open minded, and that I had to try to put the scepticism away for a while.  And the seminar was better than I had dreamed of.  The first day I was a bit sceptical (even if I tried not to be..), but after the third day I was 100% sure that this could change my life for the better.  And it has!  It is a TRAINING, not a treatment, which I like very much.  Heather Thomas and the Lightning Process has made me believe that I am in the drivers seat when it comes to health. Both mentally and physically.

I really recommend Heather Thomas’ seminars. She and The Lightning Process can change your life. I promise.

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