Ally’s Story

I originally looked into the lightening process for my son who was suffering from chronic fatigue and was unable to walk and was was in constant pain. He moved into my house as he was unable to take care of himself
After being to every type of consultant (neurologist haematologist rheumatologist) to name a few and having taken him twice a week to an acupuncturist for months, nothing was helping relieve his symptoms. So when a friend told me that her friends daughter had done the process after having had M E for a year and had to be carried in on the first day and was shopping in Brent Cross on the third I contacted Heather as this felt like my last chance and bought my son to a 3 day course I was his chaperone and also his driver as he did not have enough strength to drive, so I was not allowed to participate but I was allowed to be in the room and enjoyed understanding the process a bit more which helped me help my son.

On the second day he moved home and over the following weeks he made a complete recovery I was so impressed by the process that a year later for my 50th birthday my son bought me the gift of a course of the lightening process. Even though I was mostly living the life I love I knew that it was an invaluable tool for my life
Two years later I had i virus where I suddenly lost my hearing over night and was told that there was only a two week window to get it back and that was only if I had multiple steroid injections in my ears for 6 weeks and go on a high dose steroids that I may get my hearing back I was so shocked and in a state of constant anxiety, in a very bad moment I contacted Heather and asked for her help. She reminded me that I had the tools already and helped me tweak my wording and after doing the process many times over the evening I felt my whole body relax and was calm enough to continue with my treatment without sedation.

Two more years later (sept 2017) my son and I went together to a refresher course with Heather and I had one of my proudest moments when my son stood up and talked about his positive changes. To hear him talk about how the process helped him to go on and achieve his dreams of getting a recording contract and perform concerts all over the world was incredibly moving as I knew where he had been and how for he has come It was also great to hear other people’s positive changes and step through some minor issues I wanted to work on
So thank you Heather and the lightening process for being a solid Rock who will always be part of our lives

Love Ally