Georgina’s story

I would describe the Lightning Process as quite literally being my “lightning” moment- within a day I had managed the hour and a half journey to the seminar, a full day of listening and learning, followed by several hours of shopping, something I could only have dreamed of only the day before. By the following Monday I returned to full time school and never looked back. Having finished my GCSEs, I am now completing my A levels, and loving being able to “work hard, play hard” Doing the LP has changed my life in so many incredible ways already, and it’s a work in progress. I went in with my main goal being to conquer my CFS, and came out filled with exciting new ideas and thoughts of how I could change my life for the better. I can now whole heartedly say that I am living the life I love, but am still using the process to improve my beliefs about myself and the world around me, and ensuring that I am never duing average!
I believe that the LP could honestly change anybody’s life for the better, whether they have a specific condition/illness, achieve a goal, or reach personal/professional peak, as it is such a useful life enhancing tool. Thank you Heather!