Lightning Process and Mountaineering

I had an email sometime ago now, from someone who used Lightning Process tools to climb mountains in a new way for him… and to deal with a personal challenge while up on the mountain… I thought it was beautifully expressed and a very interesting story.

Dear Heather,

I just want to tell you a little bit about my success applying the lightning process to achieve what I want.

Last weekend I went to the highest mountains in Norway together with groups of friends and colleagues. Since November last year I think I have had a remarkable recovery in my physical health.. In November I was skiing usually about 3 km or so, and I did enjoy that a lot. Already in December I was able to ski up to 10 km, and then the rest of the day I was usually very satisfied and relaxed. In March I was able to go skiing for up to 4 hours! And now I didn’t feel any fatigue at all! I was just energised and feeling good!

And now last weekend I went to the highest mountains in Norway with very experienced fit athletes. It was more than 3 1/2 years since I was in the big mountains with my old mountain friends, so it was a remarkable experience just to go up there again knowing that I could participate and go skiing like I used to do several years ago!

The first day we were heading for a peak that was around 2100 m above sea level. These are very steep mountains but nevertheless we headed straight forward towards the peak. For the first hour or so I was doing more than moderate pain in my leg because the kind of equipment to be used for these trips are very heavy and the resistance is considerable for the whole body. But I just kept calm and used the process to do comfort, calm and joy, and gradually I did not do any pain anymore or very little! Truly amazing!

After about four hours who reached the peak and the view was more impressive than I could imagine 🙂 I was the last to arrive on the peak, I knew I could have been among the first , but I wanted to go my own flow and rhythm, so I was happy about being the last! Probably for the first time in my life 🙂 I realised that it is not about reaching the peak, but how you reach the peak, how you enjoy the journey – in a new way. We then skied down on the other side of the mountain through a narrow valley and finally reached our cabin after about seven hours! For me it was strange that some other very fit athletes were much less energetic than myself as we arrived the cabin and the following hours. I did not want to compare myself with any others, but it was really striking in that I was doing much more energy than many of the others.

The day after I went for a three-hour trip just to relax a bit and enjoy the mountains on my own. It is strange in the mountains because what seems like one-hour often turn out to be two or three hours. .
The third day we headed for another big mountain where we had to climb from 1000 m above sea level to 2000 m above sea level. I had some problems with my ski equipment so the others in my group were walking faster than me, but I told them that it was okay and that I would catch up with them later.

Then after a few hours I was approaching the peak again and this time it was very steep but I did not mind because I was expecting a plateau on top of the mountain. I didn’t see anyone from my group but I didn’t mind because I was just looking forward to the beautiful scenery and to have a nice cup of coffee on the top of the plateau. However, as I made my final baby steps to the top climbing the last 200 m almost straight up , I was very surprised. There was no plateau. There was almost nothing, only a very narrow 30 cm edge of snow and rocks, some places much less, and then just an abyss! Here I was on the top of the world, at least on the top of the Norwegian roof. What should I do? This was definitely the time to do the process as I was heading clearly towards the pit, and I could not afford that as you can easily imagine. I did a very focused stop and instead of looking down which was not necessary because I knew what was expecting me if looking down, I was looking up. I enjoyed immensely the beautiful mountains and used this image to facilitate a very focused choice towards the life I love. And in a very short time I was remarkably calm and comfort. This was truly lightning process magic for real! I used the process whenever I needed it as I headed towards the edge to find my way back to an area where it was possible to put on my skis, and then cruised down safely to the valley and our this base camp. I am very happy that I used the process in such a powerful way in this critical situation. It is possible that I could have made my way down to the valley again without using the process, but that would have been much less elegant and much more difficult.

On the train back home I was feeling very good, I was having a feeling that I could do anything, and I was very grateful that I had managed to do what was necessary to find my way back to base camp.Thank you very much for having introduced me to the lightning process, I am very grateful for what I have achieved applying the process since the seminar in Oslo last year.

How things can change…

I received some great updates from some clients in the last 2 days, a lovely example of one is below, from someone I trained this summer 2013 at her home as she couldn’t leave the house and had been ill for many, many years, unable to see family, or have visitors at all. She was just too unwell with serious CFS/ME and it was too much for her. She hadn’t been outside her house for a long long time.
She has given permission for me to use the email although for her privacy I have changed her name and some details :

Hi Heather,

I hope everything is good with you? I have had an amazing month! We actually went away for a night recently and had such a lovely time we have booked to go back for two nights for my birthday! A lovely old stately home with rooms in the gardens you can stay with dogs and lovely grounds for dog walking, I will attach a photo of Molly and I walking in the grounds and you will see how things have changed since you came to see me in June!

We also went for our first three course meal on Sunday as part of our extended celebrations! The weekend before that we met my family for lunch, the first time we have all been together for eight years!

I remember I spoke to you before about wanting to cut out my morning break/rest but not quite managing it, well I cut it out a few weeks ago and have adjusted brilliantly, just one to go in the afternoon now! My parents have now taken away my shower and sink chairs too which were just hanging around the house before, it was lovely to see them go!

I have been meeting lots of people on my dog walks with Molly and am noticing that I’m starting to integrate more things into my day. I can’t tell you how dramatically my life has changed since you came to see me in June and I know it will keep doing so. I am always so grateful to you – you were definitely the practitioner for me!

This weekend I am going to go to a shopping centre for the first time as I want to look at the laptops and buy some walking boots! I am also going to to go to the cinema for the first time too!

Take care.

Bella Xx

To receive these sorts of email always gets me feeling SO happy! I know how bad it can be to have an awful illness like CFS/ME as I had it for so many years myself. Every person who gets well is a victory against a cruel, misunderstood illness! It was great working with Bella as she really did what she needed to do, followed the process perfectly and got herself out of the spiral of illness!She is now reaping the rewards!

Peter beat CFS with Lighting Process and now takes Ironman challenge

Peter McManus is a star. He had CFS symptoms for years. In summer 2011 he did the Lightning Process training, and within a month was fit enough to be training for an Ironman competition. He is now raising money for the charity ‘Action for ME’ and hopes to spread the word that it IS possible to get well even after years of poor health and how he used the Lightning Process to do just that. He is demonstrating just HOW well he is now, with this extraordinary feat of physical and mental endurance! His story can be read in full here
An extract which he has given permission and encourages me to use to help spread the word about the Lightning Process is below:
Peter’s Story:
In 1995 I was struck down with Glandular Fever. In 2001, the year of my final university exams, this then evolved into full blown M.E.(also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).
Until mid-2011 I had never known of life without this debilitating illness until the birth of my beautiful baby daughter, Olivia Phonphiphat McManus, who inspired me to seek cutting-edge assistance for an illness, which until only a couple of years ago, had no known medical cause/cure and was often scoffed at by the medical profession. Money was no obstacle, I needed to be physically and mentally able to look after my daughter.
What gave me my life back was a 3 day training course, performed by Heather Thomas, practitioner of the Lightning Process, in the Summer of 2011.
The LP has an astounding success rate in transforming the lives of M.E. sufferers with numerous high-profile testimonials. 
Heather herself had a similar story to that of my own and by means of carefully thought-out techniques (involving both body and mind) helped give me the belief that there was light at the end of the tunnel.
Within one month of the Lightning Process course I had completed my first Sprint Triathlon in the gym and within another month my first Olympic Triathlon also in gym conditions. My first Ironman distance swim took place shortly afterwards in the pool – first breaststroke, then freestyle.
At that time I also promised Heather that I would wish to give something back to enable yet another person to have their life so greatly improved and to show my gratitude for all that she and the Lightning Process team did for me.
I am therefore swimming on 15th July 2012 from Hampton Court Bridge to Kingston Bridge on the River Thames to raise funds for Action for M.E.,a registered charity who are doing some ground-breaking research into finding a definitive cure for M.E.
I’d also like to raise particular awareness of the positive change that the Lightning Process brought to my life. The LP is not yet a registered charity but the research Action for M.E. are doing is of great value and will benefit all M.E. victims.
The distance of the swim is 3.65km which is almost the equivalent to the distances swimmers would do in an Ironman Triathlon event (3.8km). This will be the first time I have taken to swimming outdoors so there are lots of new unknown elements to deal with.
The event itself will require a wetsuit, cap, special goggles and anti-chafing gel (don’t ask, ouch)!
Particular thanks go to Heather for her ongoing support, to my loving wife and family for their understanding and patience, to my company director James for providing me a compassionate environment in which to succeed and to give me every opportunity to recover, and also to my colleague Richard, who is a true Ironman and has helped provide me with swimming advice, triathlon magazines and kit recommendations.
I am not yet sure if I am going to do the event breast stroke or freestyle. I admit that I do find breaststroke a lot easier so if we hit the £400.00 mark prior to the event then freestyle it is. I am laying down the gauntlet to you all. I wouldn’t wish to disappoint after all.
For those of you who can’t quite fathom how easy/difficult the task at hand is, it will involve swimming for 2 hours or more in amongst hundreds of other swimmers in the cold and rainy British summer!
Lastly, the odds are high that somebody reading this story right know knows somebody or has heard of a friend of a friend who has M.E or “has to stay in bed all the time as they have no energy”. If you do, please can you get in touch with them and forward them the web link or enclosed video for the Lightning Process. I would also be happy to speak with them personally if they wish to take control of their own health.

Video of Shelli talking to me about the Lightning Process

The video below shows the impromptu film of Shelli a year after she took the Lightning Process Seminar. She had suffered with fibromyalgia for two years and had a lot of pain and was unable to properly exercise. The Lightning Process helped her not only be able to get back to work full time but also run the Adidas 5 km in her best time, and deal with the stress of a house move, and setting up her own business! An amazing woman, she really wanted to tell her story to inspire others.

Shelli’s story: getting her life back from 2 years of fibromyalgia

I met Shelli again on Friday, just over a year since she came and did the Lightning Process with me. A year ago she had pain in her muscles and wasn’t able to move easily, or exercise for more than 5 minutes because of fibromyalgia, a condition which can cause a lot of pain and fatigue. Her work was restricted, she had cognitive difficulties or ‘brain fog’, life was very difficult and had been that way for 2 years.

After the first day of the Lightning Process seminar she started to change all of that! In the last year she has achieved so much… including a 5 km run in her best ever time! As she was and is, so keen to help other people know that it IS possible to get healthy again from fibromyalgia, I will be putting the impromptu video clip I recorded of her testimonial  onto u-tube this week! What she has also done is to deal really well with some very stressful situations in the last year, and to remain healthy throughout… she has even just set up her own recruitment business too!

It is so fantastic to see how much people can make a difference using the Lightning Process tools!

KIrsti Dahl Johansen

Kirsti: years in a dark room and then the Lightning Process…

Kirsti has sent me her story to help inspire other people about what is possible… It certainly got me a little emotional when I read it and recalled those days. Particularly the first visit when I couldn’t see her at all and could only whisper quietly into the darkness… and then the absolute joy of the whole family to see her out of the dark prison, and to be able to hug her for the first time in over 2 years. Those are such a special memories for me too. Thank you Kirsti!

Kirsti’s Story
Photo: Kirsti Dahl Johansen as she is today.

It’s been 3 years now! Since I took myself out of bed! Thanks to Heather and the Lightning Process, thanks to my family and to God! To me it was a miracle!

When Heather came to me, I had been stuck in my bed for 2 years and two months. The room was sound isolated and completely dark. I was too weak to eat by myself or to chew, so my carers had to feed me with mashed food. I could not even hold a carton cup of water. They had to hold it for me, as I was lying down. When the carers entered my room, they had to wear socks on their feet, in order to reduce the noise. And because they needed a small light to be able to do the work, I had to put a black bandage over my eyes as long as they were in the room. If there was something they really had to talk to me about, they had to whisper, saying: “Is it OK if I tell you something nice today?” Or: “I need to ask you something, can I do that now?” And very often I would reply: “Not now. It will have to wait.” The only food I could tolerate was boiled fish, a special kind of bread and some particular vegetables. Mashed! My eldest son was 25, I didn’t have the strength to see him at all for more than 10 months. Each time he came to see me, I was too weak. My youngest son was 21, he was living in the house over periods, and luckily he happened to be there when I was able to receive him. For a few precious minutes, once every 3rd month or so. My daughter was 12 when I no longer could take care of her at all. She was now 14. During this period I had been able to have her in my room for some terribly short, but extremely sad and happy moments, far too seldom. On her birthday, on new years eve, on my birthday and so… I had been sick with M.E for 9 years. After 4 of them house-bound, sometimes walking on crutches, sometimes using a wheelchair, mostly lying on the sofa. The last 26 months totally bed-bound, lying in this horrible, but very well protected room. With no other visitors, no TV, no radio, no computer, no papers, no books. Nothing! I felt like I was buried alive.
People seem to assume that lying in bed like that is like resting, like being apathetic or even being in a sort of coma or at least a kind of sleep. But it was nothing like that! My mind was working full time! And there was very little sleep, especially at night time. There was just a lot of pain and extreme weakness; my legs, my feet, my arms, my fingers, my back and neck muscles simply did not work. They were just aching. So did my head, my ears and my eyes!
I don’t think I’ll bother to mention all the types of treatments and medications I had tried over the years! You name it, I tried it! None of them helped me! Not to mention the amount of money I wasted on it all. By the time when the sound isolated room was built to me, I had given up all kinds of treatment!
My carers were mainly my parents, my cousin and his wife, in addition to some friends. It was very difficult to get the help I needed from the public health care system. Some homemakers and some nurses visited me from time to time, but I needed 24 hours surveillance 7 days a week, so my parents had to leave their home and move in with me! My mother was 71 years old at the time, my father was 81.
Then, after 26 months in this “prison”, Heather came! After approximately one hour I put the light on! She was looking so good! So healthy! So calm! So full of energy! And she said to me: “I used to be like you! I was in bed for 16 years! If I could do it, so can you!” And somehow I believed her! Two days later I walked down the stairways and entered my living-room! I hadn’t seen it for more than two years! First i hugged my dad! For a long time! Then my mum! Even longer! Then we sat down in my beautiful sofa, around my extraordinary shining table, eating the most wonderful sandwich meal, drinking the best milk I had ever tasted! My father wanted to help me! Pouring the milk! But Heather stopped him! “She can do it herself now!” And I could! I could do it myself! Wow! What a change! As I was reading at the back of the milk-carton, Heather continued to teach me issues from the Lightning Process! But I said to her: “Give me a break! I haven’t been reading for years!” Then we laughed! For several minutes we just laughed!
I had to work a lot! Doing the Lightning Process every day for a year! In the beginning several times a day. But I was never back in the dark room. I was never back in bed during daytime! Never back in the wheel chair! Never back on crutches! I was retaking my life, piece by piece. I still am! After some weeks I went back to singing in a choir! I had been missing that for 9 years! A few months later my daughter moved back into the house, to live with me. Last year she and I moved to Gran Canaria, where we spent a wonderful year! Dancing a lot of sevillana together! Before I got sick, I never exercised! After I got up from bed, I have been exercising 2 or 3 times a week. I have never been in such a good shape as I am now! Last Christmas I arranged a big family gathering. We were 17 people! In my house! I was cooking and baking and preparing everything! Just like the old times! Isn’t that fantastic?! Yesterday I turned 52! And I am so grateful! That I am alive! That I am healthy! And for all the love and joy I have got in my life! My life is wonderful! I am enjoying every single day of it! 
Thank you, Heather! Thank you so much!
Kirsti Dahl Johansen.


After a conversation with a friend, I was considering just how useful the Lightning Process tools are for dealing with those things that happen in life that are not so good. Those times could lure us into imagining the worst possible scenario, over and over, and to live life in fear. The Lightning Process is the tool to deal with things that can happen in life in a way that enables finding the best in whatever life brings. Not only can I celebrate recovering my health through the process, but I have a special kit always with me to use to deal with whatever might come along. A new way of living and engaging in a world which can be full of surprises.

I’m looking forward to my first ‘Building Your Future Seminar’ for 2011 on Saturday, a chance to see some of the remarkable changes in people months or years on from their original seminar… I hardly recognised some of them last time, particularly one woman in her 40s that I hadn’t seen since she did her LP 2 years ago, where she astounded everyone by starting to walk normally after years mainly using a wheelchair. She claims she has more stamina now because of the Lightning Process, than she had when she was in her fit 20s! This despite being housebound with ME/CFS for years in her 30s!

New Year

Happy New Year everyone!! An exciting year ahead with lots of new experiences to be had.
Great to talk to a December 2010 client and hear how after years of CFS, her life is now ‘normal’ and she can now spend all day looking after her young daughter like a ‘normal’ mother.What a great thing the Lightning Process is!

 Enjoying watching the u-tube clips from David Hamilton about placebos.

Last Lightning Process Seminar before Christmas

Just finished another seminar, more changed lives! Lovely to see the excitement and see the transformations. One participant was able to walk confidently into a coffee shop by herself for the first time ever in her life, and sat calmly enjoying the challenge and the coffee. She was able to be totally confident that she is healthy now, after years of CFS and it is now just a matter of building up muscles and stamina. The Christmas this year will be a very happy one for them all!

Brain Plasticity

Thanks to Jenny Gilmore for this link to a YouTube video which is fascintating… further evidence of how the brain can re-wire so effectively.

Off to enjoy this wonderful Sunday, Xmas tree is decorated and the sunshine is outside!