ME/CFS, Food Intolerance, Surgery and the Lightning Process, Jessica’s story

“It’s one thing to intellectually believe in the power of the Lightning Process but quite another to experience it!”

Jessica found that for her, M.E. and general anaesthetic for surgery didn’t mix! She describes how an experience of surgery which had in the past lead to a severe reaction to the general anaesthetic. She then describes how she was able to use the Lightning Process tools to help her body react normally and recover from the anaesthetics normally.  She’d had M.E., food intolerance and gut problems for years, trying so many different approaches before she finally decided to take the Lightning Process route. She embraced it totally and hasn’t looked back since, even her osteopath noticed the improvements in her body straight away and she can now walk for miles easily and her life has changed dramatically for the better!

Jessica’s Story


“When I first opened my gluey eyes after the general anaesthetic in October, my body began to shake uncontrollably with the growing awareness of acute pain (not quite a 10 but near enough to scare the bejeebers out of me) and unsurprisingly a part of me dîd panic – thinking I was right back to day one of M.E.

Seventeen months earlier I’d woken from the same operation to find that within 36 hours I couldn’t propel one leg in front of the other due to the anaesthetic.

BUT, BUT, BUT this time was different. Thirty six hours came and went and I was still walking, I dîd feel lousy of course, but who wouldn’t? Then, on the fifth day, I found myself striding along the Euston Road with a huge grin on my face, in the full and clear knowledge that I was not going to react to the anaesthetic as before because my body, my brain, my belief system were and are completely different. It’s one thing to intellectually believe in the power of the Lightning Process but quite another to experience it!

I completed the L.P. in mid-September and every day and in every way I notice the difference in me, from all the different foods I can now gorge on to the miles and miles I’ve walked to letting the stressy things go.

Without the genius of Phil Parker and the kind, patient, humorous and wise tuition from Heather Thomas, I wouldn’t be writing this now. Thank you to all the people who’ve made the Lightning Process a reality. I feel I’ve been given a second chance or, more accurately, I’ve given myself a second chance. Hooray!”

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